Morning Show!

With a pack of blended thoughts in our minds, we got ready for this morning show. However, we were not heading to one of those multiplexes instead; we paved our way to witness, ‘Morning Show’, an exhibition of Hindi adult movie posters at Wieden+Kennedy’s art gallery. And here are our after thoughts:

Sonali: “This exhibition gets a thumbs up from my side. I feel that though such stuff is a part of our culture, it is usually enjoyed behind closed doors. Movie posters have always fascinated me, but these were a class apart! Or maybe a league apart! In today’s tech savvy world, these posters appear rather unusual, as they do not show women in figures to die for!”

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Shagun: “Never did I think that the hoardings that used to add a tinge of embarrassment on my pubescent face back in my small hometown would become a reason of my much-anticipated visit to W+K Exp in Delhi on 7 Sept, 11. ‘Morning Show’ as they rightly named it, was a small trip to the world of adult movie posters purely made in India. With catchy and rather humorous names, like ‘Reshma Ki Jawani’ and ‘Ek Raat Mere Saath’, they surely entertained and have become a part of what we call as artistic collections.”

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