Hard Rock: The Mexicana Way!

Well, when one visits a place of international reckoning, there is a slim chance for disappointment!  And when it’s Hard Rock Café, then one can be assured of some pulsating music, friendly staff and an electrifying ambience. But this time it was a slightly different experience for it was lunch that we headed for and not a regular hard rock musical evening.

The moment we reached the doorstep of Hard Rock Café at DLF Place in Saket, we did feel a sudden transformation of sorts. It was indeed a much needed change wherein we could let ourselves loose as we cut off from the outside world. The place is so high on energy that you just cannot be left wandering in low spirits.

We cannot but thank our server, David who helped us a great deed in selecting just the most divine dishes as we braced ourselves to taste mouthwatering delicacies from Mexico.After much talk, we finally ordered for Albequerque Cottage Cheese & Veg Burrito served with fries, sour cream and  glaucamole; BBQ Chicken Toastada and Vegetarian Tacos. Each of these dishes bought much respite to our tingling taste buds. The non-vegetarian pizza was full of flavour and colour, it also notched-up our love for the Mexican cuisine.

Vegetarian Tacos

BBQ Chicken Toastada

Veg Burrito

One definite high of Mexican eateries is that they come with lip-smacking condiments and dips, giving a whole new meaning to feasting!

For those like us whose outing isn’t complete without sipping into interesting cocktails, then the offerings would be a welcome surprise! The special menu gives a Mexican twist to every drink. Also, you’ll notice that wise use is made of tequila, a trend again hailing from the native land. Our pick would certainly be the margarita with a mandarin twist.

Margarita & Cosmopolitan

The journey to the world of Mexico begins at Hard Rock Café from August 29th to September 18th, 2011.

xoxoxo, Shagun, David & Sonali

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