Ayurveda Reinvented

No matter how much science drives us, our roots never fail in providing that ultimate panacea for urban stress. Working through the week does tire us and there are no qualms about it. However, what gets in peace is a choice that all of us make in distinct ways. Some head to clubs to intoxicate whereas some stay home for they love their sleep.

Thanks to Sonali, I have become a spa lover too and recently I headed to one all alone while she was at work slogging. I am sure she will hate me for this but then little self-indulgence is good.

Having heard about NeoVeda Spa at The Metropolitan Hotel, I felt the urge to try it. The booking part was easy and convenient with a responsive and cooperative staff at the other end. Based on the water and earth themes of ayurveda, the spa translates the ancient Indian knowledge of life and well-being in a language that today’s generation can make use of in their journey of self-discovery.

Every treatment here finds space in a different specialised room, which I feel is great. I really liked the couple room that looked like a total idealistic getaway which beautifully blends rejuvenation and romance.

Couple Room

Now was my turn to select the treatment and very honestly I was craving for a hot stone treatment but considering the weather I settled for Balinese Spa treatment which is a relaxation massage.

What came as favourable specks were the ingredients used in the base oil- black pepper and eucalyptus as both relieved my sinusitis and headache. My therapist, Manisha was a total sweetheart too as she made sure I was comfortable and convinced with every inch of the treatment. The massage was truly relaxing as it unstressed all my muscles and my headache was relieved to a great extent. To add to the ayurvedic touch, they served a hot herbal tea post my shower. For a person like me who detests tea in any form, it was quite strange but I drank it until the last sip. I loved the subtle flavours of the herbal tea and honey and I don’t think I need to mention how it made me feel better with the acute cold.

The relaxation lounge

However, there is still a lot I would want to explore here and some of the signature therapies that I would want to try are NeoVeda Experience, Energy Equalizer with Volcanic Hot Stone and Vedic Journey.

So next time you feel stressed think twice before feeding yourself with liquor, anti-depressants and the likes for there’s a spa waiting to take care of you. And if you happen to visit this  spa which you must then don’t forget to share your experience with me for I have finally understood the value of patient listening. Stay rejuvenated!

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