Manely Luscious – Amit Ranjan

For someone who comes from a family of professionals, a glam career does not come easy. But if you have passion, determination and conviction then it does not get too difficult also and Amit Ranjan is evidence enough. One of the most bankable models in Indian fashion fraternity today, he entered the modeling scene in 2007.

Recently seeing him walk the ramp in Van Heusen Men’s Week 11, I knew what the buzz around him was about. To use clichéd words, I think he rocked the ramp with his commanding looks and aah how can I miss his hair that me and Sonali are so in love with. Not to overlook, he has a great sense of style too. So, it was only fair to extract a bit of gyaan from this complete fashion wrap up.

Varun Bahl & Karan Johar's show at VHIMW 2011

 Helipad On Heels- You were one of the most suave models in the Van Heusen Men’s Week. Did it require some extra effort and additional workout sessions?

Amit Ranjan: Thanks for the compliment. I work out five days a week – weights and cardio basically. In fact, my ankle twisted just before the event and I had to skip my prime time workouts. Hopefully, nobody noticed.


– Trust us nobody did. Amit many people possess good looks and a fit body but not everyone makes a successful model.  What according to you is that additional thing that is a requisite for a good-modeling career? 

Because everybody with good looks doesn’t want to be a model! On a serious note, you have to have the right attitude to carry yourself, hard work and patience to become successful in any field.

– What according to you is a healthy state of body and mind?

Healthy mind and body go hand in hand. There is no space of conflict between the two.  To be in harmony with nature and stay calm is the key.

–  Many young people fall in the trap of boosting instant muscles via supplements. Can you please suggest them the right way to go about it? (May be your fitness regime helps)

Instant supplements should be avoided as far as possible. If you have to, go for something like whey protein. Of course fitness is a long term and routine project. There are no shortcuts, no magic wands, guys!

– You have a glam career where despite late nights you manage to look good. How can one maintain a good balance?

I am selective about where and how many times I go to parties. And I am a tee totaller. I live a simple life. Many would find it boring!

– You are a night or day person?

Totally night. I find nights mysteriously beautiful and serene. Ha Ha!

– We would agree with that. So what are your favourite gym and spa in the capital?

A: Planet X at preet Vihar and Levo Saloon and Spa at Gurgaon.

– Eats which are a total no in your diet?

Junk food is a complete no.

– How can you be so perfect. I mean no liquor and no burgers. Anyway, something we have been dying to tell you is that we envy your luscious mane. You are one of the rarest men we love with long locks. What gives them strength and shine?

Thanks, again. Simple routine hair care.actually – Oiling, shampoo, conditioning, protection from rough weather and dust.

– Ok so now one secret about you that the girls must know.

A: That I am unfortunately and unfashionably not gay in this age and day!


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