Sin Well Committed!

Well, everyone tries his/her best to avoid committing sins. However, this is one of those rare places that’ll happily make you commit the second sin over and over again. The sinners that we are, both of us headed to one of our most sought after places, Second Sin in MGF Mall, Saket to enjoy a lazy and laidback Sunday brunch.

If sophistication and modish designing is your kind of pick, then you would surely love this place for its white and beige drapes, upholstery and lacquered furniture. All this complimented with shimmering chandeliers and candles. If like us, you love alfresco dining, then their terrace options are beautiful. But right now let’s talk about what we are supposed to, the brunch.

Well, their brunch buffet is nothing but an elaborate spread of luscious delicacies, a live band performing, loads of sangria flowing and a lot of fun. Trust me; you’ll land up putting a mountain of food with every turn you take to explore the offerings.

We’ll both take you to explore the same in our own ways separately.Vegetarians should strictly listen to Shagun and non-vegetarians should no way listen to her and definitely listen to Sonali.

Shagun- For vegetarians to start with, there was yummy carrot soup and loads of bread options. You should also not miss the mezze counter and specially the green tomato salsa. And before I forget, as we enjoyed our soup, a magician walked by and entertained or rather amazed us with his amazing tricks.

Post the soup, it was the salad station that lured us with the myriad colours and nutrients. Yeah, we really do consider health while we eat!

My pick would be the marinated mushroom and corn salad. The mushrooms were soft, juicy and well flavoured. The chef was sweet enough to serve us hot starters like shallow fried cottage cheese which even went well with the sangria. The live pasta counter was something I could not resist and got my kind of white creamy pasta made fresh with loads of broccoli and bell peppers. For the main course, I treated my taste buds to a mix of Thai and Indian dishes but my favourite remains the Red Thai curry. I won’t mind confessing that I was too stuffed to head to the desserts but I did take a scoop or so from Sonali’s platter and it was gratifying as well.

Sonali- The non-vegetarian lovers would be overwhelmed to see justice being done to their favourites right from the start. Cold cuts, salads and soups- you can’t ask for a healthier start to your lazy Sunday afternoon. The salad bar lets you dig into a variety of dressings and ingredients. What’s more is that you’ll see enough seafood being used in preparing the delectable dishes. For all those who have a soft corner for prawns, you shall sure be spoilt for choices.

Their Indian tawa offerings are absolutely worth binging into! So, do keep some room for all the heavy duty stuff as that is surely going to win your heart. And, don’t hesitate in asking the chef to toss some fresh pasta and pizza for you!

I  have to repeat again and again but yes, I do have a sweet tooth and yes, I did go overboard while satisfying my tingling taste buds. The gulab jamun, bread pudding and the like are extremely well-prepared.

A visit here is worth the money for the simple reason that good food, live entertainment and alluring ambience- are all made available under the same roof! And for those who’s outing isn’t complete without sipping some fine wine-let the Sangria keep pouring into your glasses!

Had a good time and we are definitely craving for another Sunday well spent...

4 thoughts on “Sin Well Committed!

  1. i really like thai dishes & foods.

  2. Fantastic, we went there and it was really great. Thanks for letting us know of a great new restaurant

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