Winfrey’s Surprise

Generous and compassionate, Oprah Winfrey never fails to make people smile and shed happy tears. Likewise, during her short visit to India she gave many a reason to cheer including Sabyasachi.  What could be a greater honour to his new venture than Oprah visiting his store at Kalaghoda, Mumbai.

Wearing a sunshine yellow tunic, Oprah and her favourite god daughter bought a lot of fashion items from the store. Earlier this week, Sabyasachi had fitted Oprah for a saree to be worn at the Jaipur Literary Festival. She was amazed at the intricacy and remarkable beauty of his handcrafted designs which is the reason why she and her team also shopped for clothing at his new store.

Sabyasachi by Sabyasachi is the designer’s blend of international directions and Indian craftsmanship. It is a younger, more eclectic store stocking contemporary and chic collections which are far removed from the bridal couture that the designer is generally known for.

When the designer was requested to comment on Oprah’s visit, all he said was that he was humbled as he is a huge Oprah fan, “The fact that she had come on such a short trip but yet found time to visit my store is a great feeling and a great validation of my work”.

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