It’s a known fact that Indians are leaving no stones unturned in whole heartedly embracing luxury. Talking of fashion, now we have a lot of international luxury brands available right in the heart of the capital. Taking the second step it is now time for us to foster luxury into all aspects of our life specially living. Initiating the same we have TERRA SANS that brings forth two of the most renowned international players from the world of home and lifestyle, FENDI Casa and Ipe Cavalli.

 TERRA SANS is an overwhelming zest in design and luxury and the fruition of this vehemence allows the Indian connoisseurs to fulfill their dreams of a world class home with complete support from the Italian brands and access to the  best international design philosophies.

 TERRA SANS Home Couture, India’s leading interior experts and exclusive dealers of the two most premium brands in furniture bridges the gap between the buyer and the brands. A passion of the team of four entrepreneurs- Nitin and Seetu Kohli, the designer duo and Neha and Priyanka Nagar, the two young entrepreneurs is a giant step to consolidate the fragmented home decor market in India.

 I along with a dear friend and colleague, Anoop attended the press-conference held to discuss the same at their boutique in Gurgaon.

We don't mind lending ears to interesting things!

The affair was uncluttered, simple and yet engaging just like the boutique’s setup with more than 15,000 square feet of presentation space housing the creations from the two establishments.

 The small get together was made a bit more fun with yummy Italian delicacies served; smooth wines and very relaxing foot spa facilitation.

The spring summer collection which was unveiled was a lot of whites, bright colours, clean cuts and simple designs. Fiery oranges, zesty lemons and pristine whites were splashed across the myriad home furnishing pieces that adorned the showroom which is sure to entice many. Check these images to attach a validation to my saying.

 I am so glad I took time out and visited the beautiful boutique or else I would have definitely missed on so much dope on luxury living and not to forget the foot massage over wine.

Boutique Address:

Terra Sans International Pvt. Ltd., Ground Floor, Paras Twin Tower, Tower B, Sector -54, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

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