Gorge on Grills & More!

It’s only the anticipation of unwinding at a worthwhile joint that can charge you up to drive down from the heart of Delhi to the millennium city-Gurgaon. After a hard day at work, we can vouch for it that all your stress and worries would be drained out-the minute you step into the newly opened- Indian Grill Room.

Our first date with this place was even better as we got to witness the exclusive preview of the alfresco area of the restaurant, the Terrace in early May. The evening was hosted by Kamal Khattar, Owner, Indian Grill Room and well-known socialite Shalini Kochhar. Gulfam Sabri a 7th generation musical scion and new age DJ Vaibhav together mesmerized the guests with soulful Sufi and Ghazal tracks.

Adding glamour to the event were fashion designers Monisha Bajaj and Anil Lepps, Charu Parashar, Jatin Kochhar, Nitin Vijay, Rita Gangwani, Vandana Mehra, Bharti Bhalla,  Meenakshi Dutt, Brinda Bose, Witty Bawa, Shelly & Sanjay Batra, Hairstylist Sylvie and artist Anjana Kuthiala.

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Talking of what remains the primary focus; the place by all standards is massive and serves to be just the perfect venue for all those who like things quite larger than life! The place has a lot of freshness, well even though that’s expected out of a new place, the restaurant clearly stands a league apart from the umpteen Indian food joints in the city. Well, when talking Delhi, there is seldom a chance that you’ll be left to stuff yourself with trashy food but this place stresses much on the quality of food. Each dish reflects much thought and uniqueness.

Papri platter

Grilled Shadras

Gucchi Paneer Lifafa

Raan Sikandari

Salmon – Poli Chattu

And not to miss, the terrace is absolutely to die for! The Terrace @ Indian Grill Room is spread over 10,000 sq.ft. with a water body, gazebos, lounge seating, a performance area and an independent kitchen and bar.  It offers a À la carte menu and is ideal for hosting parties. The cherry on top being the soothing lounge music which is played every night with Wednesdays and Fridays dedicated to guest performers who play Sufi and Retro music.

Open Terrace

More impressed with artificial air conditioning, we decided to be tucked in a corner in the indoor portion and went in for a set menu.

Dining Area

So, as we chit-chatted, the hospitable staff took great care of us and kept pampering us with one good dish after the other. Their biryani and dal makhani are truly lip-smacking.

Also, you just can’t get enough of their kebabs which simply melt in your mouth.  The interesting punch comes in with the exciting beverage menu. We both just couldn’t resist ourselves from slurping some fruit chat and aam panna mocktails. And, for our sweet buds-the gulab jamun and badam halwa did the trick!

Indian Grill Room celebrates Indian cuisine through the use of various Indian grilling techniques like the tawa, charcoal grill, pathar and tandoor. The restaurant aims to provide its patrons with a one-of-a-kind dining experience with open kitchens, and interactive grill station and a private dining room.

Interactive Grill Station

Gazebo at the Terrace

Waiting Area

You’ll never get bored of coming to this restaurant as they quite intelligently change the menu every 15 days.  Quite unusual, isn’t it? So, it’s a wise choice to make two rounds here every month as who wants to give good food a miss? And if the waiting be long, then check the waiting room above; you will not regret the wait. 🙂

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