Sling in Style, The Tarini Nirula Way!

If like us, you too love to go big on accessories, then what follows is sure going to impress you! All girls like to take the high fashion way but what’s equally important is to pay due attention to putting everything together. After all, we shouldn’t step out looking like clowns wearing the in-your face stuff from top to bottom. In that case, we can only have some mercy on our dates, whose eyes might just pop out on seeing our dramatic avatar!

The key is to maintain a balance and what’s hip these days is to invest in wise accessories. That’s the reason we want to share with you, the work of a young designer. She’s rather modest and lets her work do the talking. Stocked up at the Twist store in Hauz Khas Village, Tarini Nirula’s little creations do reflect immense freshness and vibrancy. The pieces reflect much maturity in terms of designs and colours.

Trust us, just pair up a classy piece of hers with a subtle outfit and you’ll still be in a position to turn heads at your MUST IMPRESS occasions.

The designer doesn’t create a fuss in admitting that designing accessories is what comes naturally to her. It’s only after having experimented a lot with various styles of design that she finally realized her true calling. Like most of us, Tarini gets excited with simple things in life like colours, patterns and textures and that is what leads her to create something completely stunning just out of nothing.

This rather talented designer lets you taste high quality fashion at excellent prices, so that’s good news for us and maybe for men who are on a look-out for an exquisite piece for their ladies. Way to go Tarini and hoping that your keenness to design for celebs like Kylie Minogue, Kareena Kapoor and Sarah Jessica Parker turns a reality soon!

Now, over to her creations:




Our Designer Diva:


DESIGNER PICK: Over-sized clutches, envelope clutches and box clutches 

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