Nokia’s Apptasting with Master Chef Vikas Khanna

Well, we all have heard and experienced the fun of wine tasting sessions, however, the fun element went a notch higher with Nokia letting one enjoy jaw-dropping applications over great food and drinks. It sure was a double whammy! For us who were present their to enjoy an interesting concept can only say that Nokia did reiterate the fact that the brand holds its place irrespective of the cut-throat competition in the gadget world.

The event was hosted by Rajiv Makhni, technology guru and Vikas Khanna, celebrity master chef who together showcased and talked through some of the best, fun and addictive mobile applications available.

At the Nokia Apptasting session, 4 app menus were unveiled — Shots, Sparkling wine, Desserts and Bite-sized. These experience counters presented and displayed some fantastic apps which engaged and amazed the guests. The segregation of apps was bit too interesting and can be briefly understood here:

1- Shots: Apps that are consumed quickly but are extremely addictive – The apps showcased were City Lens, Clowning around, Angry at the birds, Tarot and Zomato. While City Lens instantly reveals what you’re looking for on your phone’s camera display. You simply tap your chosen destination on your screen to conveniently access walking directions, make a reservation, or learn more detailed information about the locale. Clowning around brings everyone’s favourite act, clowns! Angry at the birds is a fun game that needs no introduction. For astrology lovers there is Tarot, which helps you guide through your troubled emotions and clouded thoughts and lets you search menus across 30,000 restaurants in India.

2- Sparkling wine: Refreshing apps that are consumed in the company of friends / loved ones. People stay on these apps for long – Apps on showcase here were Nokia Music which plays music Straight Out Of the Box, Wordament on Xbox Live is a mix Puzzle + Trivia, The Silent Film Director app lets you create old-school looking clips (like a 20’s film with the characteristic silent movie soundtrack) and Morfo which can turn a photo of your friend’s face into a talking, dancing, crazy 3D character in no time.

3- Desserts: Apps that will leave a great after taste – Photosynth for Windows Phone is the panorama app that makes it easy and fun to capture and share interactive panoramas of the places, people, and events that are important to you. Nokia Creative Studio transforms the way you take photos on your Nokia Lumia. Book your table – is India’s largest live restaurant network! Nail Art Live Tiles – Get This app if you love your nails! Receive new nail art pictures directly on your home screen live tile. Collect favourites and share videos with friends! Where is my car – Pin your car with your GPS position and find yourself on the map with the “Me” Push Pin. 

4- Bite-sized: Petite Apps that are macho enough for even the burliest football fan. Simple games, apps that are filling enough for one’s appetite –Food and wine pairing (Lifestyle, food and dining)* – Elegant, practical, intuitive and created by wine experts, this state-of-the-art application is essential to enhance the finer experience of your everyday life. Epicurious brings you recipes from the award-winning food site are now available on your mobile device. Alcohol Meter: ‘Alcohol in blood’ allows you to estimate your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), specifying the info and the list of drinks one drank. Tom and Jerry app lets one choose from over 100 episodes of your favourite cartoon series.

Silent Film Director App was a hit among the audience which recreated the movie / video experience of the black and white era. Similarly, another fun app showcased at one of the zones was Morfo which turns a photo of your friend’s face into a talking, dancing, and crazy 3D character! The favourite among the guests and city socialites was City Lens which instantly reveals what you’re looking for on your phone’s camera display—no matter if it’s down the street or just around the corner.  Nokia Creative Studio, another fabulous and popular app by Nokia, was on show which transforms the way you take photos on your Nokia Lumia.

Get to taste the fun of the party with these pictures…

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You can download or experience all of these apps on the Nokia Lumia by downloading it from the Windows market place, and from the Nokia Store for theNokia 808 Pureview.

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