Say Cheese!

“Wherever we be and whatever we be, the only thing all of us in a way starve for is a smile. We work hard, we love with dedication, we drink and we dine. Sometimes for us and sometimes for our dear ones we steal moments and a bit of material to get that smile.”

Ah! getting philosophical is not exactly what I intend to do right now but share some of my picks from Zubair’s pictures collection that depict just that ‘smile’ and ‘liberation’.

Zubair Ishai Darzi is one of the finest young photographers I have come across. I like him not because he clicks the finest pictures but because his heart acts as his lenses. Just like Alexander McQueen he has the ability to see beauty in what others might perceive as ugly.   To make a living he works with the leading e-commerce company, and to live he shoots people, places and life as a whole. He also plays drums, writes beautiful poems, kicks football to hit a goal and talks enough to be called a story-teller. I will now let his pictures talk and if you like him then visit him at

P.S: All images are subject to copyright.



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