Hold my Hand!!!

If you talking girls, then you sure taking the pampering route. We’ll be lying if, we- girls say that we don’t like being treated as PRINCESSES! So, friends, family and strangers(huh not sure on them though) are all welcome to take us on cloud nine with unlimited luxurious pampering sessions.

This time around our hands were calling for attention and respite was provided by Crabtree & Evelyn in an attempt to promote their hand-care products.Well, we second them in their approach, ‘Hands above the rest’. Our hands talk much about our hygiene on on side and on the other, soft and smooth hands are a major turn-on for one’s lover! So, give them the same treatment and importance as your face and trust us, the results would be worth the effort. For all we know, you might have fans lined-up and shouting out, “HOLD MY HAND, PLEASE”.

This brand has much on offer in terms of high quality products for hand-care. For I indulged in the pomegranate range and Shagun went ahead with lavender. Our experience sure was truly overwhelming!

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