Sipping it in Style!

Well, times are sure changing, won’t you agree?   What we eat or wear has sure gone through some sort of a transformation.  There is no denying that ICED TEA, for instance, hasn’t always been there for us to savour.  So, how about bringing a twist to a drink without which human existence can’t be thought of.

For those who prefer things less ordinary would appreciate what lies ahead. Beltek Canadian Water Limited recently launched  WILD WATER– An all-natural drink, infused with vitamins! It sure doesn’t sound like a bad idea to hydrate oneself the tasteful way!

There are quite a number of flavours to sip! Energise– Tropical Citrus flavoured, helps in tasty hydration with added benefits of Vitamin C and B’s along with guarana extracts and caffeine to keep you alert. Reload– Lemonade flavoured, hydrates and gives multiple benefits of vitamin A, C and Bs along with electrolytes. Immunity– Dragon Fruit flavoured, is loaded with Vitamin B, C and Zinc along with Taurine, for that extra boost of energy.  Detox– Strawberry Kiwi flavoured, has the benefits of Vitamin A, C and Bs and keeps you pretty and glowing. 

 In short, it seems to be a smart drink which is likely to impress the calorie conscious lot!

Shagun and I enjoyed its stylish launch at Cheri in the Capital and reckon you grab a bottle soon to know what we’re talking about!





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