The Valentine Air!


Well, I reckon you doll-up for One Style Mile, Mehrauli, New Delhi- for that is where you would have the surreal ambience of  Olive on one hand and Dirty Martini on the other which truly reflects the concept of old is gold!

Dirty Martini is the newest place to be in the Capital. For those who like to experiment with their drinks and like quite a colourful evening, it is the perfect place. The theme takes you back to the 1920’s and provides the perfect setting for an engaging evening!
Olive for me has always been the most romantic place to dine out! The ambience is blissful and transcends one to a different space altogether. The food is tasteful and perfect for such an occasion as who would want to go back feeling choked-full! Wine is the drink which works well and this is just the perfect weather to make the special occasion absolutely  memorable…


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