The Americana Route…

Girls and boys, we are definitely not recommending some heavy duty fashion mantra for this summer! Casual is the look to reckon with J This must have come as a respite to all those who love gallivanting in their flip-flops or ganjis…

Unlike before, casual wear does seem much more chic and interesting, thanks to the endeavours like –

Good news, isn’t it?  Peppy fashion is just a click away!

American Swan product styling is distinctly modern and chic, combining the classic, iconic ‘Americana’ theme with the sensibilities of European Fashion: its refinement, tailoring &effortless styling.

The whole idea of revamping oneself with global designs and standards does sound rather exciting. Honestly, for the high fashion societies that we live in, one needs to opt for something out-of-the-box at all times. Also, it is extremely important that you do not forget to accessorize your outfit well.

The collection at American Swan simply put, follows the 3 A’s as it is inspirational,  accessible and affordable.

These high quality offerings are not just restricted to apparels, the options are overwhelming. So, opt for high sensibilities by checking out their cosmetics, shoes, watches and jewellery!

This international twist will sure be worth the moolah! Have a look…




Get spoilt on-

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