Friday’s Fashion Night-Out

Well, when the evening calls for a veteran in the fashion industry showcasing her range, the levels of excitement and expectations are sure going to be high.

Ace designer Payal Jain came forth this Friday with Âme – The Soul,  a Collection which was simple yet sensual with romance rising from the depths of the inner soul, recounting purity!! The entire range was all about “inner soul”.  The soul mentioned here would be one which would be ageless, invincible, untouched and pure. While believing in the concept of an eternal soul, these creations are here to stay!

Each outfit was rich in character and spoke for itself. The Collection showcased floating ivory chiffons and milky georgettes, speckled with precious crystals and pearls. Also, what one was witnessed to were outfits sculpted in shimmery embroideries and elaborate weaves. What was impressive to see were the sparkling whites of the sunlit hours blend into the intense hues of orange as if wiping away the landscape with the last ray of the sun, spilling into the midnight blue and the dark black depths of the seductive night!

The grand fashion night-out had an impressive guest list. Those who attended included the likes of Suneet Verma, Ravi Bajaj, Ashish & Misha Soni, Sunil Sethi, Ramola Bachchan, Poonam Bhagat, Ambika Pillai, Leena Singh, Nikki & Adesh Mahajan, Thenny, Sanjay Kapur, Gautam Kalra and many others.

Indrani Dasgupta showcasing the collection Carol Gracious showcasing the collection Model showcasing the collection 1 Nayanika Chatterjee showcasing the collection Model showcasing the collection

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