Cafe Crush in Kolkata

Though one has heard enough but it was time to see it and experience it as well. Christmas is big in Kolkata, agreed! The city is soaked in colours and frenzy. It is a sight which cannot be missed, wherein on the Christmas Eve you feel the whole city has actually landed up at the happening Park Street. The music, the warmness and the festivity were undoubtedly impressive. Though one has visited the City of Joy enough number of times but this trip in December was surely memorable.

I always fancy the idea of cosy cafes and this is one concept which I strongly feel should have been taken way more seriously in our country.However, the good news is that this time around I happened to hop into few rather charming cafes which have cropped up in Kolkata. With no frills attached, these cafes are just perfect places to unwind,for catch-up coffee sessions with friends or even for times when you are on the wrong side of your mood swing 😉 Yes, it would be refreshing to just walk-in alone with a book to enjoy your cuppa. Well, looking for some more company? How about adding some macaroons and cupcakes?

Top favourite Cafes: The Rouge, Mrs. Magpie and Paris Cafe… Here is a sneak peek…

@ Paris Cafe



@The Rouge


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