Not just for the sweet tooth!

To all our Thai friends, here is wishing you all A Very Happy Songkran!!! I remember being in Thailand around this time of overwhelming festivity wherein everyone was soaked with joy and excitement…

Thai love their desserts and we too love their local sweet items, especially the Banana Roti and Sticky Rice Mango. I sure love to go big on the latter! It is one dessert which is constantly good whether at a plush restaurant or a street-side cafe. But what I am most thrilled to share amidst all the festive favour is about this rather interesting Body Scrub treatment on offer at all Oasis Spa outlets in Thailand. Believe it or not but it is the Mango Sticky Rice Body Scrub. Stopping rubbing your eyes, you read it right. Your favourite dessert is all set to impress you as an exotic and rejuvenating body treatment.

For all those who are already intrigued, here is more. The scrub is made up of mango butter to nourish your skin while being exfoliated with a mixture of finely textured coconut and rice. And at the same time,the mango delights your senses.

The spa chain has an enticing promotion running till the end of next month i.e. May, where this sublime treatment comes free with any of their signature treatments.

So, if in Thailand, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pamper your skin with some sweetness!

Oasis Sky Breeze7 - 1MB


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