The Fio Cookhouse and Bar Factfile

The name is very familiar with the Delhi circuit.

I have concluded that high quality service is a given when you step-in to either of the Fio branches. Here is more.

This time around I chose to experience the outlet at Epicuria which is nestled in the bustling business district of Nehru Place, a place which would surprise you with its complete make-over of sorts that has come into place. The Fio Cookhouse and Bar is a refreshing place which has its distinctive ambience and identity.

Even after a hectic, drained-out day at work, the place successfully managed to help me kick aside all the fatigue.

The ambience to begin with is rather soothing. The interiors have made interesting and extensive use of wood. You have both an option to be seated indoors or in the open. The interiors are seamlessly divided into two sections – a lounge and bar area that is inviting yet has an intriguing aura and a restaurant section that is effervescent and relaxed. I was greatly impressed with all the culinary books which were stacked up in the restaurant.  Also, you would find it comforting to be surrounded with enough greenery. And do remember to notice that each dish on your table would have a dash of green, now that’s some love for the idea of going green, isn’t it?

The food is absolutely fantastic.  Each dish scores high in preparation and presentation.

It is one of those rare spots in Delhi that brings the best from both European and contemporary Indian cuisine. Here is another feather to their cap:  the restaurant makes use of only their own made breads and pastas.

After all the tasting and talking, I have put down their high- five dishes which you must gorge on:

1. Spit Fired Grilled Chicken which is ideal to commence your meal.

2. Phylo Tazza (artichokes, mushrooms, caramelized onions, goat cheese, phylo cups)

3. Cappelletti which has both a vegetarian and non-vegetarian version. It comes stuffed with pine nuts, ricotta and spinach.

4. Cookhouse Char Grilled Chicken which is a great pick for a light dinner.

5.  Banoffee Jar, one of the best I have ever had.

And not to forget, the DJ and the impressive bar menu would only take your experience a notch higher.

 The Interiors

Fio Cookhouse & Bar - Interior 1

The Exteriors

Fio Cookhouse & Bar - Exterior 2

Cookhouse Char Grilled Chicken

Fio Cookhouse & Bar - Char Grilled Chicken

Spit Fired Grilled Chicken 

Fio Cookhouse & Bar - Spit Fired Grilled Chicken

Banoffee Jar

Fio Cookhouse & Bar - Banoffee Pie

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