Feel Privileged, The Primo Way!

Well,  today we are going to touch upon something slightly different from  the routine stuff. However, we are not going to go far away from the premise of a good living. It is a concept which has become quite a talk-point with the expat  community in Delhi-NCR.

Lately, the Capital witnessed Hungover Enterprises announcing the launch of the Primo Privilege card.

The card endeavours to bridge the long gap between the expats living in Delhi-NCR and the array of restaurants, luxury products and services available around the city. It is simultaneously a discount card, a database and review software. The members holding the card can log onto Primo Privilege’s website, www.primoprivilege.com, search for their requirements from the wide variety of categories and contact the vendors directly. From 7 course dinners to plugging leaks in the kitchen, Primo has it all.

With Primo in their wallets, the expats are sure to feel at home with improved guidance at all times.

“We are proud to announce the launch of the Primo Privilege card in Delhi. Primo is working towards helping expats and diplomats discover the best of what’s available in Delhi-NCR. As the only privilege program in Delhi to be officially endorsed by bodies such as the High Commission of Canada, the Australian High Commission, Delhi Network, ANZA, AWA, Gurgaon Connection and more, we are in the unique position to really help local businesses expand their user base and achieve a positive branding impact which nobody else can offer,” stated Prashant Kalra, Founder, Primo Privilege and Managing Director, Hungover Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Here is a peek into the launch:

Atul Kapoor, Shiv Karan Singh, Prashant Kalra and Kuldip Tolia.jpg Atul Kapoor, Shiv Karan Singh, Prashant Kalra and Kuldip Tolia

Rajiv Aneja, Prashant Kalra, Anamika Singh, Ayesha Garewal-Kalra.jpgRajiv Aneja, Prashant Kalra, Anamika Singh and Ayesha Garewal-Kalra

Sarah and Brian_Partying the Primo Way.jpg
Sarah and Brian
Naina De Bois-Juzan.jpg
Naina De Bois-Juzan


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