Time for Escape!

Just the other day, I was browsing through these boutique and modern hotels abroad. And honestly, I was quite impressed with the way the hotels were done up even if they were not five star chains. And that’s nearly the same time when a pleasant surprise came my way in the form of Escape Hotel & Spa. The hotel is uber-cool  and meant for the traveler of today. Someone like me who is always on the go,   hotels like Escape are a breath of fresh air as you come back and unwind in their rather comforting setting.

Escape lives up to the name and embraces the outdoors with its private terrace decks, clear azure pool, a lounge bar, and a world class spa to rejuvenate oneself. The hotel is located at the buzzing 100 Ft.Road in Indiranagar,Bengaluru.

The interiors are very welcoming and classy. It is one of those hotels which force you to sit back and enjoy the hotel rather than just taking the  regular tourist route.  Each of the floors are based on interesting themes. For those who like everything  fashionable, this should be your pick too.  With a Vogue handbook resting on the table shelf and Cornitos waiting to be gorged on as a part of their mini bar set-up, the thought has sure been to serve the modern  traveler.

The hotel is well equipped with a pool, gym and spa service. And then there is Bricklane Grill to dig into Parsi cuisine, Indian dishes and Bar be que grills. And the silver lining being that none of this pinches your pockets all that much 🙂

Now, it is your time to check-it-out!

BLG Facade






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