Moonshine Café & Bar @ HKV

You would undoubtedly agree that there are umpteen cafes, restaurants and bars in the very plush Hauz Khas Village, but there are a handful places which call for repeat visits. To put it  in short- Moonshine Cafe & Bar is that sort of a place. Easy to fall for and has it all for a being a routine hang-out spot!

I was honestly quite intrigued by the name and  could not stop myself from asking more.

I was educated that ‘Moonshine’, is an American concept which can be traced back to the 1920’s where distilling of liquor would happen at night “by the light of the moon” during the prohibition era. Interesting thought process, isn’t it?

The place is high on energy. Luckily, I went on a Monday night which is their Bollywood night and I absolutely loved the background scores while I was engrossed in conversations and tasting. This cafe & bar functions on a superlative concept that would let one enjoy three different experiences. Their two indoor spaces would always have different music playing from each other and further ahead the open space is ideal for hookahs!

 The vintage décor and dim-lighting, artistic interpretation of Chicago’s skyline on the walls, posters reflective of American culture make for an impressive setting. Each decor piece seems to have been carefully hand-picked and put-together for that rustic charm.

 Now, all about their food and drinks… So, good news is that their food menu just got revamped. And for those who like to go big on their Long Island Iced Teas, ask for a coloured version! I am told that their cocktails come with a twist and are highly recommended.

For all pizza lovers like me, think less and get ordering. They know how to get it perfectly right! Besides that, the other  hot-sellers include the likes of Moonshine Sliders and Mezze Platter. The cafe pays some serious attention to their culinary offerings, so don’t be misguided that this is not a place for the foodies.  

 And remember, this moon shines both at day and night!

We shall wait to hear on your Moonshine experience…

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