Tokyo Tales

Recently, I happened to experience the magic of Japan (Tokyo) for the first time and I must confess that I fell head over heels in love with everything to do with the place. I am sure one would do their homework before making their visit, but here is my take on things I can’t hold back on sharing…

1. The Food Factor- Stub the myth that food is a problem in Japan. I spent quality time in the locales of Shinanomachi  and Shinjuku and both places have enough options for one to indulge in. And with the outlets of Starbucks, KFC and the like, you would actually feel at home. Many who would like to dig-into the local delicacies have absolutely nothing to worry about, also for all of you like me who cannot imagine a week without Italian food, cheer up as there are many good places serving pizzas. The biggest secret which is yet to be disclosed- I had the best cheese naan in the longest time at a modest restaurant, situated closely to the Shinanomachi Station. For the dessert lovers, you would not stop binging. I loved trying the ice creams at the 7-Eleven outlets. Also, remember to carry back Wasabi flavoured Kit-Kat for your loved ones back home.

image (9)

image (12)

2. The Floral Surprise- There are flower shops and there are flower shops. So, good reason to pamper yourselves by gifting yourselves these natural beauties. And how about a selfie with them?

image (11)

3. Take the Train- They are economical, convenient and well-connected. However, don’t forget to do your research on the train lines and stations.

4. The Airport Experience- Well, I did not have many expectations from the airport but I must share that the airport is rather swanky. And with so many interesting shops to explore, you would not mind spending some extra time at the airport. We also managed to do some last minute shopping and hogging at the Narita International Airport.

image (1)

5. Flash that Smile- I came across many exceptionally hospitable people who were always smiling and willing to help. So,  remember to kick aside all the worries and smile your way in Japan (and wherever you are).

image (8)

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