For the love of wines…

We love our wine. This drink is our most preferred especially in moments of celebrations and merry-making. And one is constantly trying to develop a nose for good wines. Lately, we came across a bottle of joy worth mentioning. Beringer Founders’ Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, a carefully crafted wine made with deep berry, toasted oak and vanilla spice flavours. Time to thank, Aspri Spirits, one of the leading importers and distributors of premium wines and spirits in India who have also got in the Beringer wines.  One was supremely thrilled to treat oneself these winters with this wine comprising of one of the world’s most widely recognized red wine grape varieties.

It undoubtedly made for a smooth drink and worked well to sooth one’s taste buds.


Few other wines of theirs which deserve a mention here:

  • Beringer White Zinfandel Sparkling-

Lovely floral notes that are reminiscent of the wonderfully refreshing Spumante of Italy, with citrus and strawberry fruit nuances. Mexican and Thai food have the perfect amount of spice to be paired with the wine.

  • Beringer Pinot Grigio-

Aromas of lime and apple with just a hint of honeysuckle are complemented by the nectarine and apricot components on the palate.It works well on hot days and warm summer nights as a pre-dinner sipper or how about pairing it with some fresh salads and grilled chicken.

 Beringer Pinot Grigio.JPG (Classic)

 P.S. Not to forget mentioning that none of these quality wines are going to pinch your pockets since they are priced rather well.

One thought on “For the love of wines…

  1. Being a Californian I also love out wines, glad to see you do also.

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