Let’s give our body the Antidote surprise!

It is vacay time, isn’t it? How about letting our digestive system go on a vacation as well?  Got you thinking? Here is more…

In times when the rather fancy and not so-healthy stuff is all what we expose ourselves to, the healthier stuff surely is left in the background. However, this time around something very healthy did make one jump up to take note.  I am actually talking about the wide range of Antidote cold pressed and organic juices.

The brand swears by the belief of being an add-on to your general lifestyle and food habits, it provides  you with that extra energy and glow making your everyday tasks a lot less taxing!

These juices are considered ideal to revive and detoxify the body. I too plunged to bless my body with the Antidote surprise. And believe me, their programmes would let you get your hands on some of the most healthy and interesting juices. Besides the individual bottles, the brand even promotes these highly-valued programmes to cater to different requirements. Broadly, there are five programmes: one is for purification and cleansing, another one for weight loss, then one for providing proteins and strength, then for your hair and skin and lastly, there is something for anti-ageing as well. These programmes come in 3, 5, 7, 10, 14 and 21 day packages.

I was quite kicked about all of them but I with much difficulty finally zeroed on the first one. The plan of action is rather simple; the day you chalk out for the programme- you consume four different juices through the day. And a point worth remembering is that each one has to be consumed 60 – 90 minutes before each meal.


For all those who are already intrigued to know what all I enjoyed, here is a low down. Though not all of them are going to be extremely tasteful, but when you would remind yourself that it is all for good health, consumption would be easier and more fun.

THE PUMPER upon rising

pear, wheatgrass, spinach and moringa extract


pear, pineapple, arugula, green tea, peppermint, cinnamon, ginger and ashwagandha extract

THE FLUSHER during late afternoon

carrot, apple, celery, ginger and green coffee extract

THE ALKALIZER during evening

apple, courgette, parsley and peppermint


It was absolutely wonderful to detox after a long time and I am sure my system too is ever so thankful to Antidote.

Here is just a little piece of advice, please do mention to them at the time of placing your order, if you are allergic to specific products, nuts, fruits etc- so that they can formulate your programme accordingly.

For complete details regarding their programmes and bookings, you could log onto: antidote.co.in

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