Accessorizing the AQ way!

Hey folks, even though there is this spurt of online stores, doesn’t the coming in of an exclusive high-street fashion accessories online shop call for plenty of excitement. So, yes with tremendous joy, we share in-depth with you about AQ this time around.

What we realized was that not just their products on offer were trendy but were surely different as well. We mean to say that you would find things rather easily if you are looking for something both classy and unique.

Their team of accomplished international designers are believed to take inspiration from international street fashion and haute couture to create an exclusive yet affordable selection of accessories for all style needs.

For all those who never say no to a new pair of shoes- selection for you would be rather hard. Each style is backed with a twist which keeps it off from going into the category of “regular stuff”. Even their everyday category of shoes do have a strong sense of style as why should you be caught looking anything less than your fashionable best even when someone pays you a surprise home visit. Few of our favourites include the likes of their Shashy Brown Wedges, Lea Gold Strappy Gladiators, Aleen Plimsolls Sneakers, Fenna Multi Strap Wedges and not too miss their Tami Flower Printed Heels. And here is its sneak peek:

AQ0015PinkSH -4
Soft corner for bags, anyone? We believe bags are very dear to girls as they land up being their companion both in sunshine and in rain. We hate being repetitive but you shall soon agree too that their bags whether sling or tote, they are not the usual types. And what is more is that the price range is rather varying so in times when you want to spoil yourself rotten to times when you are on a tight budget, you are likely to find something worth purchasing. There is a great sense of international taste and style that reflects in each of their pieces. Here, what you is their Mia Circular Box Clutch and Anna Heart Sling.

AQ0006Pink1BG -2

AQ0037Green1BG -1

And when looking for that one statement piece which can truly make you dazzle, you should check out their jewellery section. An accessory which we girls don’t wear that often is a brooch but the ones you see on AQ are worth possessing. Check out their Jodie necklace which is absolutely attractive.

In case you still are not satisfied, this holistic accessory store also offers sunglasses, hats, scarves and so much more…
We are quite certain that soon this will be your preferred choice for online shopping as we all like to keep it classy, don’t we? As we sign off, we wish you the best of retail therapy on

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