A Pizza Date at NYC.PIE

Hey peeps!

This blog post is special and it shall be special for all the pizza lovers as this time I am sharing about a quality Pizzeria nestled in the buzzing Defence Colony Market in South Delhi.

NYC.PIE though is just a few months old but it takes pride in providing the real New York pizza experience. For many would know that New York-style pizzas are those large thin-crust pies. If the word –pies, got you a bit confused, you are no different as I too started thinking on the lines of Apple and Pineapple Pies but pizzas too are referred to as pies. This quality eatery gives you top six reasons on why eating here is no different from eating at a good pizzeria in New York-

  1. The dough is prepared fresh each day without fail
  2. Makes use of brick oven, only
  3. Pizzas are loaded with fresh sauce from Italian tomatoes
  4. Their cheese is imported
  5. All meats used are imported sans chicken
  6. And it comes from someone with true experience and love for the art…

The concept of the brand is actually the mastermind of F&B veteran Raj Rao, having over 30 years of experience in the said field. Just to mention a few highlights of his career, Raj worked with Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton worldwide and was chosen 8 out of 275 to be the F&B Director for the White House under the Clinton administration. In 2001, he came back to India and created Three Sixty Degrees at The Oberoi. He also created Republic of Noodles, an award winning Pan-Asian restaurant in Goa and Fat Lulu’s in Delhi.

The thought process behind the project is rather interesting. The owner said that when you think of pizzas, you either take the routine of opting for the fast food joints, something we have been doing forever or one is compelled to go to a plush restaurant to get a good pizza. NYC.PIE aims to bridge the in-between gap by providing quality pizzas at a good price. They have summed it up quite well when they say, “You have tried the rest, now try the best.”

Time to indulge in some hardcore talk now, yes, let me throw some light on items I absolutely loved. The Lombardi Pizza is a must have for it comes with centre cut buffalo tenderloin, wild mushrooms and caramelized red onions. And the true nightmare for vegetarians has to be their La Bomba as it’s got some bacon, ham, pepperoni and sausage.

La Bomba


I have to admit that these pizzas are rather light on the tummy and are extremely yummy!!!

Any duck fans? You need to get your hands on their Duck Walk.

The Firecracker is yet another specialty, so if you are looking for the toppings on the lines of peri peri chicken, fresh mushrooms, red onions and some garlic, you must go for this one.

There are plenty of options for the vegetarians to choose from as well. Sophia which brings to you zucchini, fresh mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, artichokes, green onions and garlic- all on one base.

Canal Street is another superb pick with the likes of fresh Mushrooms, black olives, bell pepper and artichokes.

Canal Street

They don’t let you get full on pizzas alone. There are pastas, salads and some super appetizers like chicken wings and burchetta as well. The burchetta I had here was pleasantly different as it was made with some wise use of arrabiata sauce. And guess what? A new menu is on the cards!

For the locals of Guragon, there is some good news for you too as another outlet of NYC.PIE is situated in Baani Square, Gurgaon. Though their expertise lays in home delivery, however if you are lucky like me to grab a seat at their Defence Colony outlet, besides the great food, you shall also witness service by extremely hospitable and friendly staff. I was even fortunate to be seated in the company of the owners and I got enlightened with some great food talk.

Since I have shared quite a bit, now you all don’t forget to share about your pie experience…

Bon Appetit,


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