Boxes full of Excitement!

Well, since my birthday is almost around the corner and then soon after Shagun’s will follow, we are already quite excited to think about the prospective crazy surprises that await us…. But that on a side, most of us do like surprises and I think they can make one’s day rather enticing.

I am actually quite kicked about sharing this post with you all as reading this shall gift you several ideas on how to surprise yourselves or someone special each month with some spectacular goodies. Yes, few of you have guessed it right, I am soon going to talk about some really wonderful box concepts in the country.The box concept did rather well to thrill me the first time I encountered my box loaded with awesomeness and it actually continue to do so even today. So, girls, how about celebrating your birthday more than just once 😛 all you have to do is to sign-up and then let these surprises take over…

Here are few concept which are completely rocking…

  1. MSM Box–  They swear by the idea of giving you the best and the latest from the World of Beauty. Bindu Sharma, Co-founder and Managing Director, MSM Box shared, ” The biggest appeal of the MSM Box is that each box is curated by experts after thorough trials and reviews. Every month, we establish a theme which is either weather specific (Our July Monsoon Special Box), occasion specific (Our Holi Special- March Rang de MSM Box) or need specific (Our April- Foot Health Awareness MSM Box). Our tagline is “A lot in a little” and we consistently deliver on that front. We are not just about products, we are also about ensuring an experience for our subscribers through regular tie-ups with salons, spas, cafes and eateries. We understand that our customers are looking for an all-round experience that ensures delight and not just satisfaction. Our customer care team is focused on ensuring that each and every customer query is addressed at the earliest. We’ve managed to build a community of besties with core trust and happiness. We hope to grow even bigger in the months to come!”And when asked about the coolest thing that has made it to the box ever, she added, “It is extremely difficult to choose a particular product that has been the coolest since we love each of our boxes and the things in them equally. However, if you must insist, we have been at the forefront of a few beauty trends. We were the first service to introduce Korean Brand Innisfree to the Indian audience as well as tied-up with Benefit Cosmetics early into their launch in India. We sent out their famous brow bar service vouchers to our customers who were then the first few who got to experience the service in India. Incidentally, we also have a really cool promotion running with Benefit Cosmetics at the moment!”Ahan… exciting stuff, isn’t it?
    Check it out @
    MSM Box Gift
  2. The Gourmet Box- Don’t surprises get even better when they are all about ample stuff to gorge upon? Yes, the next box concept we are going to talk about is sure going to get all the foodies excited. Janice Shah, Co-Founder, The Gourmet Box elaborates, “Apart from being an online retail store that delivers gourmet products to your doorstep, curates a unique subscription box monthly to encourage budding Gourmands in the city to whip up restaurant style meals at home. The box is designed to help food enthusiasts discover, sample and experiment with interesting gourmet finds. The beautifully packaged monthly boxes include 5 or more handpicked gourmet products along with recipe and pairing ideas.”The concept is great especially when you are looking at trying out interesting gourmet products. And want to know about the coolest thing that has ever made it to the box? Janice adds, “Honey Twigs is definitely one of the most innovative products to have made it to the subscription box. The concept is Honey-On-The-Go, single servings of honey that are easy to carry and have made the sticky hand syndrome redundant. Simply rip, squeeze and slurp the golden goodness. Perfect for green Green Tea drinkers.”Yummy stuff, isn’t it?
    Check it out @ thegourmetbox.inThe August Gourmet Box
  3. Tea Box-  Any Tea lovers in here?Oops!! That is a silly question especially when tea drinking is pretty much a routine for most of us. So, this box concept is pretty exciting as you get to try out box loads of tea each time around.Saloni Samant from Tea Box shared, “The idea behind Teabox as a company is to bring the freshest of tea to the consumer. We endeavor to do this in a few different ways. Every tea lover understands that tea is best when it is fresh from the gardens. To accentuate the same freshness, we stepped in to bring forth the much needed innovative tea specific supply chain mechanisms and innovations for timely delivery of tea all over the world. And that too without compromising on the impeccable flavor, irresistible essence and the ever soothing taste. The concept of the subscription plans arose from the idea of choice and personalization. We felt that in the age of personalized gifts, personalized clothes, custom-designed cars, customized accessories, what if technology can also help personalize tea selections for every tea drinker? The new subscription program uses a really simple quiz to understand the underlying tastes of every user, and then via a complex set of algorithms selects teas that are mostly likely to be appreciated by the user.”And I am sure you all want to know yet again about the coolest thing which has ever made it to the Tea Box, Saloni adds,”It would have to be the Rose Mist. This tea has rose buds in it!”Must be aromatic, what say?
    Check it out @


Hope you all enjoyed unwrapping these box concepts as much as I did!!!

Wishing you happiness,

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