TooYoo with much love…

Hey everyone 🙂 it is time again to talk about something rather rejuvenating and refreshing… Yes, let’s do some wellness talk. With festivity in the air, it isn’t a bad idea at all to gift oneself a spa treatment which guarantees oodles of relaxation.

And if it is the hassle of going around and looking for a good spa which is delaying your decision, then procrastinate no more. TooYoo, an absolutely worthwhile one-stop destination for all your beauty and wellness needs comes to your doorstep with absolute divine offerings.

Just a few days ago, I actually had my bedroom transformed into a spa room in no time.  What impressed me all the more was the fact that attention was paid to basic elements like aroma, spa music and décor pieces which added to the ambience. TooYoo comes from a credible brand- Tattva which is one of the largest chains of Resort Spas in India.

Here are top six reasons why TooYoo would work extremely for working professionals like me:

  • You need not plan greatly in advance as they vouch to reach your door-step in less than 2 hours of your demand (For Delhi-NCR),
  • Quality products are used in their treatments,
  • Masseurs are well trained,
  • There is an exhaustive menu to choose from,
  • Good pricing and you do not pay anything extra even though you don’t have to go to the service; the service comes to you,
  • And excellent attention is paid to hygiene.

Talking about the elaborate spa menu, there are wraps and scrubs which sound rather enticing like the Red Wine Wrap, Chocolate Wrap and Wine Scrub to name a few.


Since I was looking at a surreal treatment that would absolutely refresh me for the recent times have been rather busy, I opted for their Aromatherapy treatment and I absolutely have no regrets. The treatment was so soothing concentrating well on each body part and I believe you only doze off when you are in the middle of a serene spa treatment and yes, this relaxing experience did put me off to sleep like a baby!

And for those who want to delve deep into worthwhile treatments, then you could opt for one of their Yoo Mix options such as TooYoo Salon Essentials (Hair Spa, Pedicure, FacialO3), TooYoo Spa Essentials (Head Massage, Swedish massage, Foot reflexology) and TooYoo Excite (Deep Tissue massage, Bio-glow facial) to name a few.

What’s more is that they offer a wide variety of facials and other routine salon services as well.

As always, I have spoken enough, now it is time for you to book your spa/salon date soon and share your tales in no time!

Wishing you the best of festivities ahead!


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