All for the love of dogs!

While we don’t have pets ourselves but have been showered with unconditional love from many of them whenever we have visited our friends and closed ones, therefore, there is absolutely no denying that they are special and they deserve nothing less than the best! And we second the thought of Heads Up For Tails which says, “Pets are precious”. Well, if you are a dog-lover and into online shopping, then this website will be an absolute delight for you. And what’s more is that even we (who don’t have pets) could find lots of stuff which was both trendy and aww-so-cute!

For all those who are intrigued to know what all this e-commerce website houses, then here are the deets… There’s apparel, grooming products, toys, high-class accessories, bowls and feeders, bedding, food and so much more. In short, if you have dogs and you have not visited this site as yet, then you are surely missing on something! They also have a  huge collection of exclusive pet products from famous brands like Royal Canin, Chomp, Twistix  and their own unique in-house brand- Heads Up For Tails.

And just a few posts ago; we spoke about the increasingly popular monthly box concept where we highlighted so many options to pamper ourselves. So, while you are getting pampered why should your pet be left far behind? Heads Up For Tails knows how to be that one-stop solution when it comes  to dogs.  Currently, they offer three options- one month subscription @ Rs. 1999, three months @ Rs. 4999, and six months @ Rs. 9999. Each box shall come with goodies most apt for your special one ranging from grooming products, pet toys, accessories and treats that are carefully handpicked by their team of experts.

And you know they care, when they do that little extra on the special day of your special one… Yes, they have a birthday club as well so do not forget to sign up!

Here are just few products from Heads Up For Tails which we are totally loving…

  1. Quirky Coffee Mug

    Loving it!!! There are truly many lessons to be learnt from dogs!!!

  2. Woof Utility Pouch

    While this pouch can make for a great travel companion with all your essentials, for now all our colourful hairbands have been kept in there!

  3. Fun Diary
    Heads-up-for-Tails-DairiesLike making notes and those to-do lists? You’ll do it even more often with this one!

    Committed to delivering top-quality while providing a plethora of exciting stuff, Heads Up For Tails surely has impressed us…
    Check out-

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