The Oasis Spa for an Unmatched Experience

It is exciting times for me as I am all set to share about a rather recent but an extremely rejuvenating and refreshing experience. I had the good fortune of getting to visit one of my favourite cities in the very first month of 2016! Yes, no surprises for guessing this… I was in Bangkok and got to do all that I truly love- the highlight being able to spend some great time with family and friends. What is more is that one indulged in ample retail therapy, visited some interesting spots like the Sea Life Siam Ocean World and Madame Tussaud’s Museum, ate at some really nice places and saved the best for the last, i.e., got to go for an unmatched spa experience.

The Oasis Spa is not new to me or our readers as my love for this true oasis of everything serene and splendid has been mentioned on the blog in the past as well. I am not exaggerating when I say one truly feels loved and welcomed each time one makes a visit here. They live up to their tag-line rather well when they say- Oasis Spa “loves you”. I must add that I am reminded of their love even now when I have returned home and have gotten busy with my day-to-day activities as my coffee mug at office reads- Oasis Spa loves you and their pretty calendar also sits on my table.

Now, time to rewind to Bangkok and Sukhumvit 31. For all those who have been to Bangkok lately would agree that the traffic is rather unpredictable. Hence, if you are not staying in Sukhumvit-you could even take the BTS Sukhumvit line and hop out at “Phrom Phong” Station. They love their customers so much that they even offer a free transportation for the BTS.

Oasis Spa Bangkok 15

Once you reach your destination, believe me all your stress and worries will naturally make way for calmness and peace. The staff is so friendly and warm that they make you comfortable right from the start and encourage you to fill up an extensive questionnaire so that the therapist is well aware of your expectations in terms of pressure points and the like. The ambience is simply divine and the spa menu is exhaustive to say the least as there is just so much to choose from.
Oasis Spa Bangkok at Sukhumvit31

Talking about few of their signature treatments, The Voyage of Golden Lanna is the one where you experience the delightful four-handed dance of twenty skilled fingers choreographed to music, also covering you with fragrant oil infused with pure gold. This journey of rejuvenation promises to leave you golden – both inside and out.

There is even the Oasis Four Hands Massage. During this multi-hand massage, therapists use long soothing strokes but at times intertwine their hands to produce motions that cause the body to resonate with multiple sensations.

And I got to experience the magic of the King of Oasis Massage. This two hour long massage recharged me immensely. I must share that before stepping into a spa- I always wonder on what am I going to do for so long.  But with this treatment in progress, you just don’t get to know where the two hours go as it is absolutely heavenly.

The treatment combines Thai massage techniques with aromatherapy massage. It begins with a Thai herbal hot compress along the strong muscle lines followed by a hot oil massage that works and stretches the muscles while reopening the body’s energy pathways. And not miss I totally adored the spa room designated to us. A spacious room with a little outside space and comfortable temperature maintained inside, there were actually more reasons than one which were making it difficult for me to leave. I actually love the spa so much that I never feel like leaving its premises only.

Spa Product

If you are looking at gifting yourself or someone special a spa surprise for a longer duration, you could look at choosing something from their spa packages on offer. Just throwing some light on a few of them like the Paradise of Oasis in which one shall be exposed to a Thai herbal steam treatment then a body scrub that expels the toxins. Next, you indulge in a Thai herbal clay body wrap which draws out all the accumulated pollutants and contaminants. Then the Aromatherapy hot oil massage helps to erase the residual tension and lastly you get to enjoy a refreshing Thai facial. Then, there is another divine treatment called the Oasis Experience which begins with the vapors of ancient Thai herb steam followed by a body scrub. Then deeper and more oily contaminates are extracted with the application of a Morocco red clay full-body wrap. Afterwards, your skin is toned by an Aromatherapy bath; a four-hand Massage then relaxes deep tension and delights the senses. Finally, you get pampered by a Thai facial. The four hours long treatment sure shall make for an experience of a lifetime.

When I said there is much to choose from- I wasn’t kidding as there are a whole lot of body scrubs, body wraps, facials, and Ayurvedic treatments to choose from. Like visiting temples, going shopping and indulging in street food are a must on ones Thailand itinerary, for me visiting The Oasis Spa is as important. Talking about the credibility of the spa, it now has 11 outlets spread over Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Chiang Mai. The Oasis Spa even received two awards at the prestigious Thailand Tourism Awards 2015.


Lastly,  with Valentine’s Day approaching, making your special one feel even more special at The Oasis Spa might just prove to be magical!

Wishing you all a Super Weekend ahead!


Pictures Courtesy: The Oasis Spa


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