Best of Bali, Part-1

I can go on raving about what an amazing place Bali is and I am just ever so thankful to my husband, Ishan for the best memories and finally convincing me to zero in on Bali for our honeymoon, a place which I had been waiting to visit for the longest time.

This post shall be more fun with more pictures and more on our favourites from some of the eat-outs, cafes, restaurants and clubs we visited in Seminyak, Uluwatu and Jimbaran.

Also, for the first time- Ishan too will share his take on the places we visited together. So, in no particular order, here we go:

  1. Neon Palms


Sonali: Well, girls you may just get some insta worthy pictures in here! I ordered from the kids menu for I was craving Mac N Cheese!

Ishan: It is a small-little place but colourful and upbeat! I loved my burger!!!

2. Ku De Ta


Sonali: It was the perfect start to our holiday as we went here on our first evening! It has got a super romantic setting with dim lights and sea-facing seating and the food too was quite good!

Ishan: The place is huge and pretty. We went on a day with not too many people though sitting with my wife over-looking the sea was beautiful!!!

3. Cafe Kim Soo


Sonali: I loved the idea that I could shop gifts and stuff for our home while we waited for our food. And I quite enjoyed the Risotto!

Ishan: The fact that it is attached to a shop makes it fun . The food was average but a nice quaint place!

4. Potato Head Beach Club

Sonali: I loved the vibe! There is not a dull moment when here! I liked the fact that you can do your own thing and just chill without any agenda!

Ishan: I would definitely visit this place again for the sunset view, the vibe and the music!


5. Sisterfields

Sonali: This is one of my super favourite places! Loved everything we ordered whether the food or the drinks. All was 10 on 10.

Ishan:  Great location, the food was outstanding, fresh and tasty.


6. Rock Bar

Sonali: Loved the view and our drinks and I would want to go back again!

Ishan: The view was amazing though not being allowed to go to certain areas is a put off!


7. Finns  Beach Club

Sonali: The ambience is so cool, the idea of sitting & partying right in the middle of a pool is quite fancy, what say?

Ishan: A full on party place. It would be ideal to go for a sun-downer to make the most of the place!

Pro Tips from us:

  1. Both La Favela and Motel Mexicola are super amazing for fun night-outs!
  2. Don’t forget to enjoy some Bintang Beer at one of the shacks at Seminyak beach!
  3. Do have your share of Gelatos!
  4. Lastly, and most importantly don’t miss out on some breakfast in the pool when in Bali!


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