Life Crisis

Well, you may be thinking why doesn’t the heading signify any age bracket or possibly throw light on the elderly in the neighbourhood because we think crisis occur only mid-age onwards. 

Crisis doesn’t just strike you mid-life or at an advanced age. It could be at any phase in your life in my opinion. But what you need is a zest and determination to get up and bounce back. In many cases the routine seems mundane and boring and the motivation to move forward seems like a daunting task. But that is exactly when we need to pull up our socks. We need to look for that one spark that will ignite our day. It could be something as basic as being hooked to a book.

As human beings, we need to constantly strive for growth. Now this growth shouldn’t be drastic, comparative with those around or stressful. It can be our own unique journey of progression. We need not become obsessed with materialistic goals and neither have absolutely no vision at all. What it means is that we need to just get better than what we were yesterday. 

I realized I am usually the one who is always pulsating with new ideas and have been very enterprising but there came a phase sometime back where I just didn’t feel like the above. I just wanted to start my day with a blank slate, go with the flow- do the routine tasks and be thankful for the simple pleasures like enjoying my newly done cozy room. 

This phase also made me realise that I do enjoy the simple pleasures like tossing a healthy salad, decorating my room, cleaning up my closet, distributing things I no longer use, planning the daily meals and so on. I consciously made a decision to not hop on to flights mindlessly, to cancel on plans that I didn’t feel up for and avoid negative conversations which don’t do any good. I must say all this contributes to us positively in some or the other way. 

This isn’t a note of someone depressed but it comes from someone who wants to strive for a life which is a good mix. A mix of the fancy and not so fancy. I do enjoy my holidays, shopping sessions, night-outs and so on. But I also truly enjoy my morning yoga, evening walks, home-cooked meals, deep conversations and so much more.

Talking about yoga, that truly is my new love and I hope this one is for good as it has become my most looked forward to activity in the day. I love the hustle, I love to work hard but every now and then, I love to slow down because I don’t wish to run through with the pleasures of life. So, why not pause to reflect now instead of at 40: am I able to holistically enjoy my life or not?

Decluttering is the Way!

If there is anything lately that I have become obsessed with, it has to be the act of decluttering. I have to be honest, for me- it is an extremely rewarding and therapeutic experience. 

If you have been sitting on the fence and just procrastinating to dig deep to wisely organize all your essentials, here is a quick guide.

1. Approach it Right- Don’t think of it as a task whereas consider it to be an activity which will make both your mind and room or house pleasant and beautiful. It may seem like a lot of work, but if organized well- your days ahead will be much easier and peaceful as finding things you need wouldn’t be so hard.

2. Step by Step- Don’t set unrealistic goals wherein you empty out all your cupboards one fine day and crowd your bed, sofa and every possible spot. You will exhaust yourself in no time and feel overwhelmed and irritated. To truly enjoy this exercise, take a step by step approach wherein you can start with one shelf or one drawer or one cupboard.

3. Think, Segregate and Organize- At the moment a stapler may be coming out of your hair accessories or those safety pins would finally be found tucked under heaps of sheets, so it is essential to think, segregate and organize category wise. Break it down to basics. For instance:

a) Clothing- Make some sort of demarcation for-everyday casual clothes, formal shirts and dresses, Indian wear, night suits and so on.

b) Essentials- Underclothes, socks, hair clips and so on

c) Accessories- Bags, Shoes, Belts, Jewellery etc

d) Beauty- Makeup, Extensions, Styling tools and so on

While you organize your shelves, think about what you need often and make sure that those things are placed somewhere easily accessible.

4. Playing around with the Extras- This is an extremely important step. Now, there would be items which you haven’t used in years but keep hoping you will wear it someday. The chances are slim that would actually wear it now because if you had to, you would have. You have several options in hand depending on the condition of the item. You can either sell it on one of the many such portals, donate for a cause, pass it on to a cousin or friend or in the case it is brand new then do not hesitate but keep it for gifting purposes.

Also, make sure to reduce your paper load, duplicate or expired items. Do trash items which are screaming to find their place nowhere else but in the bin.

5. Reward yourself- Yes, after much hard work and distribution you may realize you need more of something- so do explore your options but make sure to first organize all what you have before you purchase more.

6. Lastly and most importantly, while you feel lighter and see some space around you after the above activity- respect it and try to not overcrowd your closets or make a mess of them as you are well aware of all the sweat that goes in getting the stuff organized.