KlosetEdit- For the love of Fashion & More…

The whiff of dreams packed with determined and passionate efforts in realizing a unique vision into reality was instantly reflected when I came across the website- KlosetEdit for the very first time.

I readily related to the need for such a platform as we all have some outfits which only stare at us from our closets and seldom meet the cut for our, “Out of the Day” – so it sounds nothing less than amazing to be actually getting to sell them off. Or how about getting an opportunity to buy our most desirable labels at extremely attractive prices only because one of us decides to part ways with it. Yes, KlosetEdit gives closet management a whole new meaning. And that is exactly why I chose to indulge in tete-a-tete with Deepal and Kanika, the lady bosses who made it all happen…


Kanika Khurana and Deepal Gandhi

Q: Did you both always wanted to turn fashion entrepreneurs? Please share with us on what eventually led to the KlosetEdit?
A: We met at LSE Summer School in 2010 and bonded over our love for all things fashion. One casual conversation of how “we feel like we have nothing to wear and yet have no space in our overflowing closets, wish we could just sell our closet for cash” led us to wonder if more women feel the same way! Post college, we took up full time corporate jobs while never leaving our idea behind.  After conducting extensive market research, we realized that due to increase in demand for aspirational brands, better logistical support and changing mindset of the consumers, India was maturing as a market for pre-loved fashion. The thrill of building a brand to solve the closet needs propelled us to leave our jobs and plunge into the start-up life!

Q: For the benefit of our readers who have several items hanging in their closets lying unused for the longest time, please explain how they can benefit through KlosetEdit?
A: It is a well surveyed fact that women only end up using 20% of the apparel from their closets, rest of the items make up for impulse purchases, unwanted gifts and sizes that don’t fit anymore. While we actively encourage women to donate items they no longer use, branded handbags and designer dresses that aren’t used anymore are hard to just give away! Thus, they keep lying in our closets, gathering dust and taking up space in our precious ‘real estate’. This is where KlosetEdit comes in the picture. We help women sell their ‘too tight’ impulse purchased jeans, barely used dresses and seasonal buys for something more chic, on point and affordable. In order to sell pre-loved fashion, a seller simply fills a simple seller form with a few details of the products being sent along with a few photos. We arrange a pick-up of the styles which are selected by our in-house stylist. Once the item comes to the warehouse, it goes through an extensive quality and authenticity check and a resale price is quoted to the seller, (only once the seller agrees to the pricing) we start the listing process. Everything from photography, hygiene to maintenance is taken care of by our team. As and when the product sells, we forward the money to the seller in form of a bank transfer or store credits.


Q: Most of us are familiar with the concept of vintage shops being in existence but how has the response been in the virtual world and particularly in the Indian market as far as purchasing a previously owned item is concerned?
A: It has been overwhelming! Sure, there is still apprehension with pre-owned items, but the mindset is fast changing. Buying pre-loved is smart shopping. Why should you pay full retail price when you can buy new items from a variety of brands at up to 80% off? Our excessive focus on QC and curation has led to customers calling us to appreciate the quality of items they have received. Maintaining high quality standards and being extremely transparent about the condition of the items has helped us win loyal customers all over India. We are constantly working towards making buying and selling of fashion as informative and hassle free as possible.

Q: Do you accept only high-end labels? How does one decide what to send for selling and what not?
A: We love all brands from Zara to LV! One can sell anything from a Mango dress to a Hollister skirt to MK bag to Jimmy Choo shoes. We accept most brands from high street to high-end fashion, simply because we don’t want to restrict our collection and we believe each pre-loved item that is in a great condition deserves to be loved again! That being said, we request each seller to look at our list of brands we love and detailed quality standards before scheduling a pick-up with us.

Q: What would you like to say to all those young girls who have a dream but are not able to take it to the next level?
A: Make it happen! Life is too short to miss opportunities. It is always tough to take the plunge, but have a plan, work with a focus and no matter what, don’t stop believing! Starting up has its own highs and lows but the highs are so rewarding. There is no feeling in the world better than seeing your dream turn into a reality.

Q: On a lighter note, when was the last time you got tempted to buy something one of your seller’s sent for the website?
A: EVERYDAY! Honestly, if someone was to ask us on what is the biggest challenge? It sure is this! We get such amazing styles that we really have to control each other from not buying products ourselves!

Q:  Lastly, tell us about the future plans for KlosetEdit?
A: We have been overwhelmed with the response we have got thus far, winning buyers and sellers trust has been the most exhilarating part of our journey. Future plans include geographical expansion, we have seen interest from varied parts of the country and vertical expansion. We also plan to add more styles and categories so people are always looking forward to pre-loved fashion. All of these plans are centered around the customer and ensuring that we provide the best to them.


So, as I wrap up, it is best that you now straight head to check out their phenomenal endeavor @klosetedit.com




Luxe For The Men In Our Lives

Helipad on Heels just had a realization of having gone a little biased towards women. So, here we are making up with this post featuring some FENDI luxe for men. That reminds us that Father’s day is around the corner; this can be a small cue.

Our special pick would be the backpack!

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Accessorizing the AQ way!

Hey folks, even though there is this spurt of online stores, doesn’t the coming in of an exclusive high-street fashion accessories online shop call for plenty of excitement. So, yes with tremendous joy, we share in-depth with you about AQ this time around.

What we realized was that not just their products on offer were trendy but were surely different as well. We mean to say that you would find things rather easily if you are looking for something both classy and unique.

Their team of accomplished international designers are believed to take inspiration from international street fashion and haute couture to create an exclusive yet affordable selection of accessories for all style needs.

For all those who never say no to a new pair of shoes- selection for you would be rather hard. Each style is backed with a twist which keeps it off from going into the category of “regular stuff”. Even their everyday category of shoes do have a strong sense of style as why should you be caught looking anything less than your fashionable best even when someone pays you a surprise home visit. Few of our favourites include the likes of their Shashy Brown Wedges, Lea Gold Strappy Gladiators, Aleen Plimsolls Sneakers, Fenna Multi Strap Wedges and not too miss their Tami Flower Printed Heels. And here is its sneak peek:

AQ0015PinkSH -4
Soft corner for bags, anyone? We believe bags are very dear to girls as they land up being their companion both in sunshine and in rain. We hate being repetitive but you shall soon agree too that their bags whether sling or tote, they are not the usual types. And what is more is that the price range is rather varying so in times when you want to spoil yourself rotten to times when you are on a tight budget, you are likely to find something worth purchasing. There is a great sense of international taste and style that reflects in each of their pieces. Here, what you is their Mia Circular Box Clutch and Anna Heart Sling.

AQ0006Pink1BG -2

AQ0037Green1BG -1

And when looking for that one statement piece which can truly make you dazzle, you should check out their jewellery section. An accessory which we girls don’t wear that often is a brooch but the ones you see on AQ are worth possessing. Check out their Jodie necklace which is absolutely attractive.

In case you still are not satisfied, this holistic accessory store also offers sunglasses, hats, scarves and so much more…
We are quite certain that soon this will be your preferred choice for online shopping as we all like to keep it classy, don’t we? As we sign off, we wish you the best of retail therapy on www.AQShop.com

Here comes #MyFabWishlist…

Think Christmas, and we already have our wishlist ready for Santa. I am no different, I too have been for long wanting few things which are quite high on the fashion quotient. The look I am going to share is what I am already imagining in my closet. You would agree with me when I say this season is more about brunches, hence this look. Whether its the shirt or the pumps, all these products look comfortable yet stylish. And when there is a cool breeze, you could always carry a cardigan or a nice floral jacket along. For me it is one of those impressive and sophisticated looks and the best part being, they are just a click away as they are all available on faballey.com…

the look

Mesh Fling Shirt in White

Mesh Fling Shirt in White @ Rs.1100

Glam Girl Silk Midi Skirt in Pink

Glam Girl Silk Midi Skirt in Pink @ Rs.1800

Back in Black Patent Pumps

Back in Black Patent Pumps @ Rs.2000

First Summer Sunglasses

First Summer Sunglasses @ Rs.1100

Multicolor Gem Chain Drop Earrings

Multicolor Gem Chain Drop Earrings @ Rs.450

Patent Pink Mini Messenger Bag

Patent Pink Mini Messenger Bag @ Rs.1650

And girls, the icing on the cake is that thanks to the Great Online Shopping Festival, all products are on a flat 35% off. But what you like, pick it fast as today is the last day of this sale.

Don’t you forget to share with us your brunch look for the season 🙂

London Calling By Global Desi

That`s what we call an Indo-English mix. Global Desi`s new collection called `London Calling´, is rainbow like vibrant and electrifying with bohemian inspired cuts and silhouettes. The spirit of the collection is urbane and Indian. It is for the girl who loves travelling and exploring and while doing that, she carries her country`s essence with her.
The campaign for the collection offers a peak in the old school streets of London with the bright clothes sparkling in front. The collection offers sporty-luxe silhouettes, like bomber jackets, culottes, skirts, dungarees, and a range of comfortable knits and denims, in bold pops of colours like, blue, red, purple, pink, with undertones of white and black which reflect the city’s cosmopolitan tone.

Available at all Global Desi outlets and major multibrand stores.
Price- 1299 INR onwards

And for another fun fashion post from the streets of Germany <<click here>>

free bird bomber jacket 2499  mirror fish shirt 1499  hipster overalls 2399

kaleidoscopic ivy jacket Rs.1899   denim funk cullottes 2299

ombre trellis skirt  1599 zip up crop top 1099 geometric gems shrug  rs.3499 - Copy

purple voyager bomber jacket rs.1999  zip up crop top 1099 purple voyager leggings 1299

tropic denim easy jacket rs.2999  early bird crop top  1099  denim tropic skirt 1799

Luxury Anyone?

Luxury is anything that cannot be bound by seams of time and money. It can be anything from sipping coffee on a cold day while being snuggled in a warm blanket or just spending a lazy day at home or how about luxury that transcends accessibility and defines exclusivity; such as buying a personal jet or owning a luxury estate.

The latter mostly comes with a hefty price tag and you cannot go wrong with the choices you make. In a time when India`s luxury market is growing at the rate of 255 million dollars every year, it is important to have media channels that educate people on the same and help make right choices.

Talking about media channel, we want to introduce to our readers India`s very new online magazine- The Luxe Café, which does the job of informing pretty well. Here you cannot expect to read amateurish content as most of it is written by field experts or the people themselves who set luxury trends.


So, if you are actually planning to buy a personal business jet, then this e-magazine should be your bookmarked information channel.

The Luxe Cafe

If so far we have been sounding biased towards what men look for, then let`s strike a balance with serving women too. The magazine has a beautiful section of wellness, fashion and lifestyle as well where you will find big names such as Tarun Tahiliani talking directly to readers about dos and don’ts of a wedding trousseau. One story that we think might particularly be of interest to a lot of women is about a spa that will make you look good after pregnancy. Well, that does sound like much needed luxury!

capture 2

The Many Different Categories It Offers

The magazine is editorially directed by former journalist, Manisha Mayur Shekhar who believes in making luxury accessible to everyone who desires it. And the online magazine seems like a perfect way of doing so as internet is quickly penetrating into tier 1 and 2 cities and towns of India. In no time the magazine will become a common platform for those who deliver luxury and those who demand it.

Well, we at Helipad on Heels love to promote anything and everything that takes people closer to fine living. With that thought we leave you with The Luxe Café to explore on your own.

Cartoon Crazy with Vajor.com

So, September is one crazy month for us. There are birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays that we celebrate at this particular time of the year. I was lucky enough to get my eyes on this Cartoon Crazy Vintage Painting Print Maxi Dress on Vajor.com and since I managed to accessorize it well- I wore it not once but twice (yes, I did repeat). The dress fits damn well, lets you be at your comfortable best and the design element just notches up your fashion quotient.

The website otherwise too is a must for all those who love pretty things. Their stuff is trendy and surprisingly well priced.

Believe it or not, as I write this blog, my festive order from their website is already in transit. I am eagerly looking forward to wearing their Dark Peach Georgette Gown from the Threads of Kaashi Collection.

I do this seldom, but this time around I did feel like posing for I loved what I wore.

Here is a glimpse of this ultra gorgeous dress.


Vajor.com (priced currently @ Rs.2100)
Watch- Fossil
Jacket- Vero Moda
Heels- Store in Pune
Eyewear- Propshop24.in
Lipstick- Inglot

Chic, just clutch it!

Punch of class and colour!

Punch of class and colour!

Chiclique.com, the buzzing hub where young talent puts on offer some great fashion! The team asserts that their vision is to empower fashion aficionados, both designers and customers, by bridging the gap between the two, via a state of the art e-commerce portal.
What caught our attention were their fabulous clutches, check out more on- http://www.chiclique.com!

Just remember to clutch it in style……

Italian Trade Commission rejoices the announcement of Expo Riva Schuh India Second Edition

For all the lovers of shoes and accessories, there is some great news! In an excellent endeavour to bring the best of global fashion under one roof, Expo Riva Schuh, Italy in partnership with IEPL (Italian Exposition Private Limited) brings “EXPO RIVA SCHUH FAIR” to India for the second time. The fair will be held from July 5-7, 2012 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. 

Though the fair will purely be a B2B platform that’ll set the tone for global trends in footwear and leather design but it shall sure speak volumes on the growing acceptability and accessibility of international fashion. “Expo Riva Schuh India” will present the finished products of various commercial sectors, from footwear to leather accessories –  bags, belts, purses, wallets, gloves and other accessories in leather.

The evening to celebrate the announcement of the same, was hosted by Erica Di Giovancarlo, Italian Trade Commissioner, in association with Giovanni Laezza, Director of Riva Del Garda Fierecongressi and Carla Costa, Head of Exhibitions Riva Del Garda Fierecongressi. There were many fine personalities in attendance who did turn heads at Fio, Garden of Five Senses.

All we can say is that, we are buckled up for this fashionable grand affair!

Erica Di Giovancarlo with Giovanni Laezza and Carla Costa.jpg
 Ramola Bachchan and Anu Chadha
 Nitin Vijay Raul Chandra and Nida Mahmood