Sexed Up Heels

It’s the new thing driving me and Sonali crazy- ‘Condoms’. Please do not tell to yourself that we have completely lost it because what we are talking about are the ‘Heel Condoms’. Right to their name, they actually have the caliber to sex up your heels. The awesome concept is a product of

 To pour in some clarity; these condoms are accessories to style up the footwear.

The Heel condoms are available in two designs:

– Condom style: The original ‘Heel Condom’ that protects and decorates the heel portion of your shoe, this style fits stilettos ranging from 2-5 inches.

– Panty style: The evolution of the original heel condom, this style has been designed to fit all heel types, be they thin, thick, high or low.

 How to use- Ahem! Its easy. All you need to do is slip them up your heels and either place the elastic band under your foot to keep in place or tie the two straps around your ankle. Check out how awesome they can make your heels look. I am sure you would want them!

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Shoe-Struck! showcased high street fashion footwear at ARTIC® Maxim Cover Girl Night with Deepika Padukone at Florian

At the recently hosted cover girl night by Maxim in association with ARTIC® and, we saw some really adorable footwear. Since, it’s our duty to get to you the best from the rather stylish night; here is a dose of the high fashion which we witnessed.

One seldom goes wrong with white! 

  A pair that’ll sure invite many eyeballs!

Classic boots that’ll make for a good buy these winters!

Bold ‘n’ Beautiful!

Deepika Padukone sure made heads turn at the event!

 And yes, we did have a great time midst everything in vogue.  So, hope to catch you soon at yet another fashionable evening!

 Photographs- Shazid Chauhan