Our Colour Palette from Nykaa.com

Not going to bore you girls with a post on just another e-commerce  site, we felt the difference is why we thought of sharing!

Glad to have you all excited yet again to read on…

Nykaa is a treasure house for all those who like to keep themselves very proper as amazing range of beauty and wellness products are a click away here. What sets it apart is that fact that it stores an extensive selection of curated products and services  and it offers product reviews, beauty tutorials, articles by experts and much more to help you choose better and not to forget, you can also use their beauty helpline as well.

Well, everything colourful always excites us especially when we are talking some top-quality cosmetics. Shagun got experimenting with L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine Gloss which would sure be an asset to your party make-up kitty and then the Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick accentuates your look at just about anytime of the day. Girls, be wise and check out the shades in sync with your skin tone but shy not from exploring new colors every now and then!!!

Now let’s turn eyeballs to Shagun’ s experimental streak:





The Americana Route…

Girls and boys, we are definitely not recommending some heavy duty fashion mantra for this summer! Casual is the look to reckon with J This must have come as a respite to all those who love gallivanting in their flip-flops or ganjis…

Unlike before, casual wear does seem much more chic and interesting, thanks to the endeavours like – AmericanSwan.com

Good news, isn’t it?  Peppy fashion is just a click away!

American Swan product styling is distinctly modern and chic, combining the classic, iconic ‘Americana’ theme with the sensibilities of European Fashion: its refinement, tailoring &effortless styling.

The whole idea of revamping oneself with global designs and standards does sound rather exciting. Honestly, for the high fashion societies that we live in, one needs to opt for something out-of-the-box at all times. Also, it is extremely important that you do not forget to accessorize your outfit well.

The collection at American Swan simply put, follows the 3 A’s as it is inspirational,  accessible and affordable.

These high quality offerings are not just restricted to apparels, the options are overwhelming. So, opt for high sensibilities by checking out their cosmetics, shoes, watches and jewellery!

This international twist will sure be worth the moolah! Have a look…




Get spoilt on- www.americanswan.com

Wood Positive Initiative By The Body Shop

Beauty just isn’t about looking like a painted bimbette. It’s way beyond that. It also includes feeling beautiful and beautifying the environment. I would personally not want to use cosmetics that fetch me compliments while hurting the earth.

Thank God for brands like The Body Shop, which divert a great fraction of their resources in protecting the Earth. Celebrating that positivism and goodness, TBS yesterday on Earth Day hosted a small event at their outlet in The Select CityWalk, New Delhi. The look of the store was indeed refreshing with everything done in green and white just like the dress code, which I did manage to follow. Speaking to the much friendly and warm representatives of TBS, I figured a lot of ways in which the brand contributes towards giving back to the environment and in maintaining the natural balance. Some of these ways include minimalistic packaging in all TBS products, use of recyclable plastic and beauty ranges made out of completely bio-degradable ingredients that are not only harmless for us but also for the environment. Well, don’t get into thinking it was a boring event with TBS staff lecturing on Earth Day because it was wrapped with a lot of fun activities that women can barely resist.

There was a small station offering pampering hand massage with their new ‘Absinthe’ hand cream while another beauty desk gave makeovers by special TBS experts. A lot of us were without a hold-up fascinated by that.

I specially loved their quick bites and desserts done in the nature colours. And finally before making an exit most of us made a pledge towards the Earth by signing the pledge cards and indulged in some posing in a corner that looked well stuffed with props.

Take a quick peek…


Women enjoying TBS special makeoverImageImage

ImageYummy cookie it was!

ImageI pledge not to use plastic. So, what is your pledge towards saving the Earth?