Well, I have shared quite a bit and continue to do so for our love for Bali should come across loud and clear. In this post, let me highlight few experiences which you too can indulge in on your next holiday.

1.Bali Safari and Marine Park- It is slightly expensive but for someone like me who hasn’t ever experienced night safari before- we didn’t think much but just went ahead and booked! I would say- it made for a fascinating experience moving around and getting to feed the animals through the caged bus and then ending the evening with a cultural performance and dinner. In our case, we took out that extra moolah for some chilled beer! I must add that the way the entire tour is handled is very smooth and professional!


2. Bali Swing- It is truly a wonderland for a girl who loves Instagram. You can take the experience a notch higher by hiring an outfit and professional photographer from the site itself. But be ready to stand in a long line waiting to experience the Swing.


3. Spa Time- Well, when in Bali- a good massage session is a must! While most hotels do have worthwhile spas, you can always explore quality and standalone spas too. We experienced the Sundari Day Spa in Seminyak for a foot massage and absolutely loved it, half way through the service both husband and I had dozed off which for me is a sign of an excellent experience.

4. Uluwatu Temple- Well, in case you are staying in Seminyak, then I would recommend heading to Uluwatu for a day trip. You should visit the temple too! I have to say the location of the temple would leave you awe-struck!


6. Seminyak Village- It is a cute little mall but if you are looking at buying some quick gifts for family and friends back home, then I would definitely recommend this place. Also, its location definitely makes it very convenient to visit!

Tattva, for the perfect rejuvenation!

Well, the recent times have seen me making repeated trips to the Pink City of India, Jaipur. Honestly, I am not complaining, for the place sure exposes one to rich culture, lip-smacking delicacies, gorgeous architecture and so much more. But any work trip does come with considerable amount of sweat and running-around. Last time around I would say I got double lucky as not only was I staying at one of the quality hotels i.e.Lemon Tree Premier which truly make for a value for money stay but also got to indulge in rejuvenating and refreshing treatments by Tattva. The hotel proudly houses- Fresco which is their spa and fitness center.

The spa menu is designed rather well and there are sufficient options to choose from. First, I opted for Vitamin Facial which they say is ideal for neglected skin. Sometimes we do tend to neglect taking care of some basics, don’t we?  This active detoxifying face treatment is believed to be rich in essential skin vitamins. Specific care is given to restore the natural balance and it certainly contributes to purifying the skin. This pressure point massage relaxes one’s facial muscles and improves blood and lymph circulation, making one’s skin looking rather fresh. Seldom do I go for any sort of pampering for the face, but I was honestly quite glad that I went ahead with a quality facial. This treatment for 60 minutes is priced at INR 1790.

Then to ease off some stress in my feet, I chose their foot massage- Walk in the Air which is based on ancient techniques of reflexology, this treatment is great for reducing fatigue. They work on ensuring that you are left like walking on air. I must say that this came as blessing after a packed day at work. This treatment would cost you INR 490 for 20 minutes.

Though these are the ones I tried but there are many more on offer. Others which sound rather interesting include the likes of Travel Energizer Massage, Citrus Deep Tissue Massage, Signature Lemony Massage, Spicy Orange Scrub, Green Tea Scrub and Ayurvedic Potali Massage. Don’t you feel like indulging in all of them? I certainly do 🙂

And for those fighting hair woes, they even have a Hair Care Treatment. I must share their staff is really warm and are very good at what they do as I found the pressure put during my therapy just perfect!

So, hope all this information comes handy next time around you are in the beautiful city of Jaipur. Don’t forget to gift yourself a blessed time at Tattva!


Surreal Spa Surprise!

My love for spas isn’t a hidden fact! I don’t make any fuss in admitting that I love exploring new spa outlets every now and then. So, if I am not working or shopping, I am definitely spa-ing. Time is luxury and opting for spas in that precious pamper time is like a double whammy! But wait, this time the spotlight wasn’t on me. I wanted my co-blogger and dear friend-Shagun to experience a spa that sure wins my vote for being the most innovative day spa in the recent times. Quietly nestled amidst the hustle-bustle of Defence Colony Market is Seven Seas Evania Spa.The place gets its inspiration from Santorini in Greece and is done-up beautifully in hues of blue, gold and white. You come here once and it’s definite that you’re going to fall in love with it. Trust me, I am not even getting down to counting my number of visits to this few months old spa outlet. And why should I stop myself from touring a place that gets the best from around the world. The menu is rather out of the box as you get to treat yourself from the likes of Chocolate Fondue, Blueberry Cheese Cake or Hot Lava Shell Massage. So, having tried and tested it myself, I urged Shagun to unravel an unusual spa experience.

Here is Shagun narrating all about her first spa date:
If I state that spas are rejuvenating, it’ll be pointless for its no news. So don’t sulk because that’s not what I have to say but what I have to share with you is a spa which is out of the ordinary and after the experience I well agree with Sonali.  Imagine a spa that can relax you and felicitate for your meetings professional and personal both at the same time. I really adore the idea of chatting while getting a relaxing foot massage. That’s exactly what Seven Seas Evania is all about. Thanks to my chum Sonali who insisted that I visit this spa and the sweet therapist, Chong who treated me with a tempting foot massage.
From the spa’s extensively indulgent menu, I chose the Blueberry Cheesecake treatment. From the first moment I heard the name, I fell I love with the treatment for the love of blueberry cheesecake. I knew this was going to be one yummy indulgence and my feet would be instigated to forgive me for not taking care of them for so long.


The staircase leading to the basement is beautifully adorned with raw textured white hue and chrome lighted hanging lamps that add illumination.

Lamps in the staircase

Treatment Room

The interiors are equally interesting with a raw and earthy feel to it. You instantly feel disconnected from the worldly stress as you enter the spa treatment room. Big comfy white chairs entice you to rest yourself as the therapists prepare for the treatment followed by a short brief about the chosen treatment.
Starting with cleansing the feet using crushed rose petals, she softly scrubbed my feet with a specially formulated cream to get rid of dead skin particles. What I had been anticipating was the next step that is of massage. For this she used a white lotus cream that not only relaxed but also made the skin smooth and silky. (Yes, it did)
Fortunately, I had Suvrat, our photographer on the next chair whom I kept chatting with or else I was sure to sleep off. So relaxing and mesmerizing, the treatment was a pampering session for my feet. Now was the real yummy time, as my feet were treated with an aromatic Blueberry gel.

As the treatment came to an end, I was offered a complimentary back and shoulder massage which came as a cherry on the cake. If you are someone who’s always glued onto the workstation, then this massage is sure to relax those tired shoulders and neck.
Like they say that everything should have a sweet end, then this spa keeps up to the belief as they offer you lip-smacking ice cream before you step out of the place so heavenly.

Earthy Interiors

And while Shagun was away, I got chatting with the person behind this gorgeous project- Arpit Sharma. Here is a little inside into our conversation to get you answers to the not-so often asked questions:
• Is it a good idea to come here for a date?
Arpit: Well, our spa specializes in hand and foot treatments and we like people who love themselves. This place is pretty good for a date because you can come here, relax- gift yourself and your partner a lovely treatment. It’ll be a wonderful experience for both!
• How about having a birthday party at the spa? What are the special offerings like?
Arpit: We give the guests a very special treat. We book the whole place for them, we serve them wine and champagne. Also, a very special cake is ordered. And to add to that we offer really special treatments.

Will visit again soon
All we can say towards the end is that to bless yourselves with good times, think less and head straight to  Seven Seas Evania.