You are not alone!

Recent times have been extremely harsh, brutal and challenging. There is immense fear reference one’s health, grief of losing close ones, anxiety of what the future holds and just way too many such emotions. But we all must accept and acknowledge the fact that we are not alone in this! Each one is fighting some or the other battle, some of them may be visible while others may not be. Life has been anything but normal and it is most important now more than ever before to protect our menatl well-being.

Mental health has long been neglected, in turn causing many of us to suffer in silence. We got talking with the experts at Goodlives, who are working tirelessly to make mental health treatment accessible and affordable. They connect people to the right therapist and also spread mass awareness through various means.

In this conversation, we stressed on questions which maybe bothering many of you, for instance-when should one opt for therapy? We truly hope this article proves to be helpful.

Helipadonheels: What are the most common queries with regards to mental health which are pouring in?
Goodlives: Covid-19 has been the biggest trigger for many. The second wave has been more hard as the complications have been severe. Most questions revolve around how to cope with lockdown, covid-related stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, fatigue. The transition from being outdoors everyday with no worries on social distancing, to being in your home 24/7, alone or with family, is something that’s been most asked for counseling. Also, regarding the uncertainty of this pandemic and how it’s affecting future decisions (career, academics, family etc)- this is also another aspect where help is being mostly asked.

Helipadonheels: What are some of the basic few steps each one of us can take in current times to ensure our mental well-being?
Goodlives: We can take care of ourselves and others in some basic ways:

  • Firstly, keeping a routine is vital for providing structure during these times of uncertainty.
  • Having nutritious food (adding fruits and vegetables) and having meals on time. Water intake is also important. Skip the processed drinks and have a glass of natural juice instead.
  • Choose a specific bedtime and wake-up time. Try to keep it consistent
  • Engaging oneself in some physical activity. You don’t need to follow rigorous workout sessions. Whatever is your comfort and convenience is important.
  • Remember to unplug. Excessive consumption of news and screen time is unhealthy for both body and mind.

Helipadonheels: What are the habits which one should use as indicators for seeking help?
Goodlives: If you experience any of the following emotions or feelings to the extent that they interfere with life, therapy is needed:

  • You might feel like you have too many things to do or too many issues to cope with. You might feel like you can’t rest or even breathe. This overwhelming feeling is the biggest sign.
  • Everyone feels angry at times. Seeking support to deal with these feelings may be a good idea when they don’t pass, are extreme compared to the situation, or if they lead you to take violent or potentially harmful actions.
  • It’s normal to worry about things from time to time, but when worry takes up a significant part of your day or causes physical symptoms, therapy can help you deal with it.
  • Losing interest in usual activities, the world around you, or life in general can indicate mental health issues like depression or anxiety.
  • There is lack of appetite or even overeating.Fatigue can cause you to sleep more than usual or have trouble getting out of bed in the morning.
  • Losing hope or motivation, or feeling as if you have no future, can indicate depression or another mental health condition. Feeling hopeless from time to time, especially after a period of difficulty, isn’t uncommon. But when it persists, it may lead to thoughts of suicide.
  • Many people feel better when they’re able to spend at least some time alone. But, if social withdrawal has become a habit, then it’s time to check-in.

Helipadonheels: Lastly, if someone isn’t feeling their usual self how can they reach out to your specialists and how does the process work?
Goodlives: Goodlives has been operating on a very effective level on this aspect. Whenever you need to reach out for therapy, you just need to go to the website. There is no need to fill up a form. The right therapist is matched according to your needs. Confidentiality is absolutely maintained. And then the therapy session begins in the comfort of your room. We do not only have talk therapy, we also have expressive art therapy like music, dance and drawing. The sessions are continued consistently, as long as the client and therapist seems fit!

To all those reading this one, know that there is light after the tunnel and that you are not alone!

Pinktober @ Hard Rock Café

It´s not often that a brand takes a social issue beyond just a CSR stunt. Hard Rock Café has however left Sonali and me pretty impressed with their PINKTOBER campaign, which has been a constant annual activity from the last 14 years. That is some seriousness!  Isn’t it?

For those who are not aware about the campaign- Pinktober is a Breast Cancer awareness campaign run in the month of October at Hard Rock Café.  This initiative with PINK menu offerings, Pink drinks, live music events highlighting local and emerging talent and limited-edition merchandise helps celebrate the courage of breast cancer survivors and their efforts to spread awareness. Hard Rock Café outlets in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad will donate the proceeds from their month long charity efforts to the Elle-Ogaan Cancer Foundation.

This year it means even more for us as we got to attend an interactive bloggers meet with experts from Indian Cancer Society, organised by HRC, Saket. It was an extremely informative session and imparted in-depth knowledge on the health issue that we otherwise tend to ignore. What is also considered a taboo in Indian society, Breast Cancer has become a more than common problem in urban setups. But what is sad is that unlike the developed nations, the survival rate in India is very less and the only reason behind the same is an ignorant population. Doesn’t it make sense to just know a little about problem and take the right preventive measures. Here, are some very quick tips on how the evil Breast Cancer can be kept far far away!

-To start with, every woman must do a self breast examination test every-month followed by a time to time medical examination specially after the age of 30.

– We know alcohol and cigarettes tempt but trust us they cause not only cancer but a lot of other harmful diseases. So, quit smoking completely and atleast reduce consumption of alcohol as much as possible.

– Maintain a low fat diet and maintain weight.

– Exercise regularly.

To sum up, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while also doing regular examinations. And very importantly, please spread this awareness among all the women around you.

For any further information, you can visit

And finally a neat and alcohol free cheers from Hardrock Cafe´ 🙂