Head over Heels in Love with these Diwali Hampers!

It is absolutely our favourite time of the year and we just love everything thing about it. The colourful Diwali Melas, the fun-filled catch-up sessions and yes, the pleasant surprises which knock our doors as well. A thoughtful gift packed with love is always welcome but considering each household sometimes gets too many presents, we want our readers to stand apart and not just that-we are even coming to your rescue at this crucial time to help you select just the perfect gift for your dear ones in case you are still in a fix!!! Here are our top five ideas after much browsing around. These are creative, fun, wise and make us go- WE WANT THEM!!!

  1. Kulfi Hamper from Pop Up Hut- To be honest, this is the first time we realized that something like this is even possible. Isn’t it an amazing idea to notch up the sweetness when you are hitting your friend’s place for a cozy get-together. They have enticing flavours ranging from Malai, Kesar Pista, Meetha Paan, Thandai and Gulkand. What is more is that it is packaged beautifully in an ice-box and costs INR 850. And some of you are rather lucky for they even deliver within Mumbai.Facebook Page-@popuphut

  2. Truffles Hamper from Paper to Bag- Did someone just say that Truffles are always a good idea? Well, if they look this good, then why not? This pretty box comprises of 6 Assorted Truffles! What is even more tempting is the fact that they are very well priced. And we did read up in a daily about this on-going collaboration of theirs with Bakehouse23- thank you guys for coming up with what looks like absolutely amazing stuff!
    Facebook Page-@papertobag
  3. Diwali Hamper from Ambrosia by Ritu Gupta- Post getting these, I am sure your friends would be left asking for me as this pack of goodness has everything that one could ask for- a Date and Caramel Shortcake, Fig and Cinnamon Bars, White Chocolate and Cranberry Fudge and, Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies. We are getting pumped up with excitement by just writing about it. And just look at it, doesn’t it look super classy?
    Facebook Page-@Ambrosiabyrituguptaambrosia
  4. Cookie Hamper from Something Of Our Own- Talk about a gift which would sure be remembered for good would be something as simple and as unique as this. Did you ever think of Mini Cookies in Test Tubes, well they did and they have truly impressed us as well!!!
    Facebook Page-@somethingofourown
    Here is truly hoping you enjoyed this festive post as much as we did putting it together for you!!!

    Helipadonheels wishes you all the Brightest Diwali!!!