The Kronokare Krush!

So, the story goes like this…one fine evening on returning from work, my eyes popped out when I was surprised with the much talked about Kronokare products waiting for me!!!!

And what is more is that the flurry of surprises only continued to unravel as each and every product has been such a blessing!

Let me share a bit on their two superb ranges- the Caribbean Ginger and the Mediterranean Citrus. I found the products to be extremely refreshing and they actually work well for me as an effective stress buster. The mild fragrance that comes from them is rather alluring. These products quite set me for my busy days!

Ginger is believed to purify and detox, so the range on a whole has a feel good factor.  The other range swears on the fact that Citrus works on cleansing from within and on every inch, from face to chin.

For those who like to buy wisely, must take note as these products are Paraben and SLS Free.

I cannot resist myself from sharing that the brand pays good amount of attention to the packaging of the products. What I found impressive were the taglines on each of the products. For instance- Sure to be Pure on the Caribbean Ginger Shampoo, then Hydrate and Untangle on the Mediterranean Citrus Hair Conditioner.

Well, I am sure turning to be one of their loyal users as I am even taken over by the body lotion. Thankfully, the texture is absolutely perfect and it actually fabulously fixes one’s skin, living up to its tag-line.

I reckon that you too explore the World of Kronokare as they are quite user friendly since you shall be getting quality at a good price. And this is just a little teaser, log onto their website to be overwhelmed with their umpteen ranges, I am already etching to get their Bam-booo and Champa-holic scented candles, after all a little pampering is always good!!!


Wishing you smiles…