Shiro… A salute to grander things in life!

Well, I am a modest girl with even more humble wants! My closed ones would certainly not buy that but for me ambience, ambience and ambience has always been a turn-on when I am out! I don’t deny that good food is a necessity without mention! However, if there is a place in our Capital city with overwhelming ambience, then it has to be Shiro at Hotel Samrat!

Opulence and magnificence are terms that best describe this heaven on Earth! I have been so impressed with this joint that within a span of ten days, I visited it twice. Both occasions were very different but had quite an impact on my overall experience. On the first occasion, I went out for a quite drink and sat in the open space and trust me with light breeze blowing, the place too blew me away with its enigmatic set-up. We ordered our set of drinks from the rather elaborate menu and then added a dash of sweetness with some chocolate sushi. The best part of experiencing this place on a weekday is that your privacy isn’t intrigued and you can enjoy the magnificence minus the loud crowd and music. And sometimes you like it simple. Don’t you?

Second time around, I stepped-in with totally different set of expectations! And all those present would be testimony to the fact as I even paid a tad bit more attention to my outfit as I chose to adorn a red gown, one which I had been longing to wear! This time we played host to renowned football players who too seemed to be having a great time!

And as the DJ console opened-up, foot-tapping music is what we were exposed to! The best thing being, he understood the pulse of the guests and played just the right music at the right time. With spirits pouring in the rather fancy bar, our empty stomachs yearned for some respite and that’s when we kept our wine glasses aside, put back our heels and got ready to gorge on food that wasn’t going to be boring! And I did get my plate full with a little bit of Assorted Mushrooms with Dry Red Chilies,  Vegetables Stir Fried, Chicken Hot pot, Thai Chicken Red curry,  Fish in Spicy Laksa Sauce and not to miss the staple Yaki Udon Noodle Vegetarian. Well, I love my food sans any guilt!

This place leaves you with several jaw-dropping moments and hence, should certainly feature in your list of- Places to Visit on special occasions! Check these pics to get an enticing feel of the place.

I still feel there is more that I would want to explore at this grand venture and that is a good enough reason for me to plan another visit and yes, this time with my co-blogger and soul sister- Shagun!

Love, Sonali