Here’s to Girl Power: Happy Women’s Day

Seldom do we both get this candid at a personal level and pour our heart out… So, here’s a brief one on being women and being inspired by other women!!!



Sonali says-

“I love being a woman and I love being feminine.” Charlize Theron

Well, I truly and deeply believe and live by this quote… The most beautiful gift has been of being a woman!!! Of course the life of a woman is so colourful for we have more variety of clothes at a store or for that matter- there are endless shades for our lips, nails and eyes and yes, we love our heels as well!!! But not taking away from any of these fancies, I feel I would still love being a woman… For my mother with or without make-up instills great hope in me on days I see none, for my mother can bind us together with or without getting us materialistic stuff and for her hug is the best thing in the world….

I feel a woman does just so much for a lot gets seen and most remains unseen… And they are much stronger than we really feel they are!!!

Today, I would once again like to thank all the women in my life for making my life even more beautiful…

I have to mention my mother who inspires me the most- I don’t say it enough but how much and what all she does in a day and still has a smile on her face is just so amazing! Today, if I get complimented for how I look, how I dress and the like- I feel I have just inherited it all from her… Most importantly, she has demonstrated true character and substance in the harshest of times- that for me has been the biggest learning for life!!! For the value system instilled in me and my siblings- deep down we thank you each day for this!

I love you mom- for being my best friend, support and so much more…

And I have to thank all my friends and sisters… Girls you are the ones who have helped me savour the true joy of friendship…a relationship whose importance I have only learned over time… But today, I value you all just way too much…You all have contributed in helping me become a better individual and it is because of you all that I feel rather wealthy 🙂  Here’s to many more memories and experiences of a lifetime!

Wishing each and every woman – Happy Women’s Day! More power to us today and everyday!

Shagun says-

Women’s Day always makes me introspect on who I am as a woman and also think about women who have inspired me. There are so many of them but today I want to share a little about three of my special ones.
-As cliched as it might sound, my mom to begin with inspires me each day with her positivity and strength; the elegance which she has dealt every single problem in her life with. And when I say problem, there have been plenty. The depth to soak her pain upon realizing the loss of her husband and not shedding a single tear just for the sake of her children is one moment that gives me chills till date and inspires me to hold tight no matter how testing the time may get.

“A woman is like a tea bag—you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” —Eleanor Roosevelt

– I have also been lucky to have two very special friends in life who inspire me to no limits. Sonali on one hand is the most patient, calm and understanding woman I have ever met. She can love someone all her life without expecting anything at all in return. She has the unique potential to see positivity in the darkest of times. She loves a lot but never at the cost of her self respect. I have seen her make the wisest of decisions which most of us fail to at the hands of getting emotional. She inspires me to love, love a lot but also hold your ground for what is right. I don’t have enough words to describe her but she is the kind of woman who can make you feel blessed for her presence. I do!

“I am a woman with thoughts and questions and shit to say. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story–I will.” —Amy Schumer

-Another beautiful friend of mine, Varsha has inspired me in ways that I bet she does not even know. From being a younger sister who I always watched out for to getting on the cover of VOGUE, she has not just inspired me but many. Her go-getter attitude is intimidating and shaking. She gets what she wants because she wants it bad. She wants it so bad that she will put all her love, sweat, time and most importantly her faith in it and then sit back and wait till things come around. Until then she won’t quit. She has come out a winner but she is still the younger sister I watched out for. Her laughter is still as loud and hysterical as it always was. That innocent naiveness combined with sheer fierceness is what inspires me.

“I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.” ―Madonna

Saluting all the women out there…

Shagun & Sonali



Pinktober @ Hard Rock Café

It´s not often that a brand takes a social issue beyond just a CSR stunt. Hard Rock Café has however left Sonali and me pretty impressed with their PINKTOBER campaign, which has been a constant annual activity from the last 14 years. That is some seriousness!  Isn’t it?

For those who are not aware about the campaign- Pinktober is a Breast Cancer awareness campaign run in the month of October at Hard Rock Café.  This initiative with PINK menu offerings, Pink drinks, live music events highlighting local and emerging talent and limited-edition merchandise helps celebrate the courage of breast cancer survivors and their efforts to spread awareness. Hard Rock Café outlets in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad will donate the proceeds from their month long charity efforts to the Elle-Ogaan Cancer Foundation.

This year it means even more for us as we got to attend an interactive bloggers meet with experts from Indian Cancer Society, organised by HRC, Saket. It was an extremely informative session and imparted in-depth knowledge on the health issue that we otherwise tend to ignore. What is also considered a taboo in Indian society, Breast Cancer has become a more than common problem in urban setups. But what is sad is that unlike the developed nations, the survival rate in India is very less and the only reason behind the same is an ignorant population. Doesn’t it make sense to just know a little about problem and take the right preventive measures. Here, are some very quick tips on how the evil Breast Cancer can be kept far far away!

-To start with, every woman must do a self breast examination test every-month followed by a time to time medical examination specially after the age of 30.

– We know alcohol and cigarettes tempt but trust us they cause not only cancer but a lot of other harmful diseases. So, quit smoking completely and atleast reduce consumption of alcohol as much as possible.

– Maintain a low fat diet and maintain weight.

– Exercise regularly.

To sum up, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while also doing regular examinations. And very importantly, please spread this awareness among all the women around you.

For any further information, you can visit

And finally a neat and alcohol free cheers from Hardrock Cafe´ 🙂